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Server's Mass Responses Card

This unique card can be used as:

  • an easy training guide for learning or teaching the Latin responses.

  • or as a memory aid for the acolyte while serving.

Server's Mass Responses Card: Romanitas Press

The response card has been carefully compiled to ensure its English phonetic rendering conforms with the more romano (liturgical) Latin pronunciation prescribed to be used during sacred functions by Popes St. Pius X, Benedict XV and Pius XI and other authorities.

The card unfolds into four double-sided partitions and features:

  • Phonetics aligned under each Latin word (not strung out)

Server's Latin Mass Responses Card; Romanitas Press
Exterior partitions unfolded
Server's Latin Mass Responses Card: Romanitas Press
Server's Latin Mass Responses Card: Romanitas Press
Interior partitions unfolded
  • Special responses when serving for a bishop

  • Inline instructions for the gestures and reverences made with the responses

  • Helpful cues for the altar server

  • Rules on how the responses should be made

  • List of common pronunciation mistakes made by English-speakers

  • Partitions specially arranged so card can be used while serving

  • Easy to read typefaces and layout

  • Black and red text

  • Heavy weight stock to keep card stiff while being held

  • Anti-glare varnish to give the card long life

  • Convenient 11.8" x 4.25" folded size (folds out completely to 17” wide)

free testing sheet available for instructors >

 $5.00 each (for less than 10)


  $2.50 each (for 10 or more only)


The Server’s Mass Responses Cards are a great resource for traditional Latin Mass altar boys. We have used them for several months at St. Sebastian’s Roman Catholic Church in Akron, Ohio.

The altar boys have become more confident in their Latin responses, and a number of the boys use the cards... to practice at home.

Thank you for all that you do to assist in the celebration of the Tridentine Mass!  Matthew Akers

I love my Server's Mass Responses Card from Romanitas Press! I was in my mid-40s before I began to learn how to say the responses, and this card gave me the confidence to say the responses aloud.

Each Latin word has a corresponding pronunciation guide directly beneath it so that even a beginner can sound like a pro. This handy card is made of a durable material and won't crack or fade with wear and tear.

[And it's not just for altar servers!] Anyone who wants to participate more fully in the Sacrifice of the Mass needs this card.  Scott Quinn

Once in a while, something truly innovative is created—Louis Tofari has innovated the way in which altar servers can learn the Latin responses for the Mass. His "Servers Mass Responses Card" has both simplified the pronunciation and rubrics of serving to a simple formula: if you can read the card, you will learn the Latin and the rubrics.

This fold-out card has everything the server-in-training will need including: all of the responses to be given on the altar with their accompanying phonetic rendering and the rubrics (fittingly printed in red).

When the card is completely unfolded and turned over it contains a complete explanation and tutorial on how Latin should be pronounced in the liturgy. In some examples, it shows you both "how to pronounce" and "how not to pronounce", especially some of the tougher words which can be real tongue-twisters if one is not diligent in reciting every syllable properly.

I highly recommend this card to anyone who is training to be an altar server or an experienced server who might wish to "brush-up" and re-check their pronunciation. It is also great for teachers or anyone assisting a server in learning the proper way to serve.

The card is printed on heavy stock and then coated with a matte varnish which should help the card resist staining and last for years if cared for. The card is priced appropriately and quantity discounts are available so why not buy 10 or 20 for your priest or hand them out to the servers at your church as a token of your appreciation for the noble duty which they are partaking in.  Derek Bonnell,

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