For 1962 Roman Missal and Breviary


This indispensable guide for following the calendar rubrics of the traditional 1962 Roman Missal and Breviary is valuable for priests, seminarians, MCs, sacristans and even the laity. The most comprehensive and accurate edition available!

For the traditional Roman Liturgy


An English translation of the general rubrics for the traditional Roman Breviary (1961) and Roman Missal (1962). Perfect companion to the Ordo!

First time as a book!


Get up close to the priest's actions during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with these 80 classic black and white photographs from 1944!

Msgr. Arthur Tonne


An incredible and even unique resource about the sacramentals of the Roman Catholic Church by Fr. Arthur Tonne that was first published in 1950.

Msgr. Arthur Tonne


In this wonderful work of 1951, Fr. Arthur Tonne explains in his unique storytelling style the significance of 50 feasts of our Lady throughout the liturgical year from the traditional Roman Missal.

In this time of Church crisis: Ite ad Joseph!


This 1961 booklet is a goldmine on the devotional and theological understanding of St. Joseph! Its title objective was realized shortly after its publication. So new appendixes feature the events, pics of related persons, and Mass prayers to St. Joseph.

Archbishop Amleto Cicognani


An expanded reprint featuring brief sketches of the 46 Saints mentioned during the Ordinary and Canon of the Roman Mass. Includes an entry for St. Joseph, pictures and extracts from the Roman Missal and Roman Martyrology.

Finally back in print!


First published in 1925, this traditional catechism booklet presents the tenets of Catholic doctrine in a series of easy-to-learn drills.

Louis J. Tofari


Covers the general principles of the Roman Rite which are the foundation of all rubrics. This edition treats specifically of the principles that affect the inferior ministers (altar servers)...

Geoffrey Webb


A timeless classic, this book will be of great general interest to any Catholic, lay or cleric, particularly church architects, liturgical artists, sacristans, those involved in liturgical functions...

Compiled under Cardinal Vaughan


If you want to ensure that your sanctuary, altar and liturgical requisites are in conformity with the best traditions and mindset of the Roman Catholic Church, this book will help you obtain that goal!

Edwin Ryan


Discover the rich symbolism and ancient history surrounding the use of church candles in this fascinating, illustrated book...

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C. Callewaert Offerings

author bio  |  book reviews

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Liturgicae Institutiones Studies

C. Callewaert


In this first volume (tractatus primus), the liturgy in general in expounded as a distinct branch of liturgical foundations and to introduce the other two volumes...

C. Callewaert


This second volume (tractatus secundus) is a comprehensive work on the historical development and principles of the Roman Breviary...

C. Callewaert


This third volume (tractatus tertia) covers liturgical material requisites such as sacred vessels, vestments and linens, the altar and its appointments, the symbolism of the colors, the church edifice...


Includes all 3 Liturgicae Institutiones volumes and the Caeremoniale at a special combo price.

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