Clearance Items

All items must go! There's a limited quality (in some cases, only a single copy), so get them while they last!


Caeremoniale in Missa, Privata et Solemni (Callewaert)



These copies are identical to those sold at full price, but were accidentally over-trimmed, so do not match the size of the other 3 volumes of Callewaert's Liturgicae Institutiones set. You save $13.50!

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The General Principles of Ceremonies of the Roman Rite (For Inferior Ministers)

Slightly damaged original covers


These copies are of the latest edition but with the original non-pictorial cover and damaged in shipping with slightly bent corners.

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Server's Mass Response Card

Clear coating issue


These cards have a coating issue on one side, with a matte instead of a gloss finish. Merely a matter of touch, not of readability.

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Offerings on Ebay

Several single copies of books are being offered at Ebay.

Fourteen Hours: A Picture Story of the Pope's Historic First Visit to America [Pope Paul VI's USA visit]: 16.00

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