Latin Responses Webinar

For serving the traditional Roman Mass

Louis Tofari will be hosting a 3-week curriculum of live webinars for boys and men (altar servers) to learn the acolyte's Latin responses during the traditional Roman Mass.

This uniquely integrated course will include a review of:

  • liturgical Latin and its basics of pronunciation,

  • the significance of the prayers said by the servers,

  • some important background information (e.g., what are the Preparatory Prayers, psalms and their structure, Psalm 42, saints in Confiteor, etc.),

  • an explanation and practice of the associated gestures and reverences (folded hands, signs of the cross, bowing, striking the breast),

  • and homework exercises.

During the past 25 years, Mr. Tofari has developed a unique and well-rounded course for teaching the server's Latin responses, not only consisting of innovative training techniques, but also providing background information about what the server says.

In this way, the server learns not just how and when to say the responses, but why, thereby appreciating the profound significance of these prayers used in the highest act of Catholic worship, the Mass.

Curriculum schedule and pricing

The 3-week curriculum will be on hosted from July 20 to August 7 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for a total of 18 sessions.

Each session will run 45 minutes from between 10:00am to 10:45pm CST.

The cost of the 3-week curriculum is $90.00 (or $5 per session) plus the required materials ($8.25 totals).

Note: the fee is $90.00 per participant, if two (or more) participants will be viewing from the same device, contact us about special group pricing.


Subscribe to Latin responses webinar: $90.00

Required materials

In addition to the webinar fee, 2 items will need to be purchased as part of the curriculum:

Here are 2 other useful, but optional materials:

Testing and certification

After the 3-week curriculum, 2 independent 15-minute testing sessions will be offered to the participants (see the disclaimer below). If the oral Latin test is successfully passed, a certificate of completion will be provided. If further testing is required, an ongoing arrangement can be discussed.


The successful completion of this course by correctly memorizing the responses and passing the oral test is dependent upon the application of the student and his personal aptitude for mastering the Latin responses.


As this can differ from student to student for a variety of reasons, the time frame provided for the Latin responses curriculum is a basic one, while the actual time required for becoming certified in the Latin responses is variable.

Conditions and requirements

These webinars are for Roman Catholics men and boys (from the age of first grade or higher). Subscribers should be proficient in cursive, or at least have the ability to write. They will also need access to pen and paper, a lay missal, and the Bible.

After-class exercises (homework) will also be assigned to the participants which need to be completed within the designated time frame.

Due to the extended 3-week length of the curriculum, session dates are tentative. Subscribers will be kept updated per a weekly basis. If required, a rain-check session will be rescheduled.

Participants must a use a computer/laptop/tablet fully enabled with speakers, microphone, and display. Zoom’s screen-sharing mode will also be utilized.

After payment for the curriculum, a setup meeting will be scheduled to test the functionality of the subscriber's device before the first lesson.

Lessons will be video-recorded and the video's links can be shared to an absent participant.

Discussions of ecclesiastical issues or civil politics will not be allowed during the sessions.

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