Latin Responses Training Resources

In training servers for the traditional Roman Mass, perhaps the hardest thing to teach (as well as to learn) is how to correctly make the Latin responses.

To assist in achieving this noble objective, Romanitas Press offers some training materials for learning, teaching and testing the server's Latin responses at Mass. (And coming in the near future, some materials for priests too!)

This unique card can be used as:

  • an easy training guide for learning or teaching the Latin responses.

  • or as a memory aid for the acolyte while serving.

Gives the more romano pronunciation as desired by the popes. Also includes a section that details common pronunciation mistakes of English speakers.

This guide provides a curriculum for classes, training exercises, and homework assignments for effectively teaching the Latin responses.

Another segment of this 10-page PDF includes tips for testing servers on their responses.

This double-sided sheet provides an effective tool for testing servers on their Latin responses. Includes guidelines for what to review and objectives to be met.

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Additional Resources for Liturgical Latin

Learn more about the Church's liturgical use of Latin with some reprints from

Fr. Wilfrid Diamond (1961)

This excellent resource features the vocabulary of the Latin Liturgy, not of Caesar or Cicero.

Christine Mohrmann (1957)

A great little book that gives a short but detailed explanation of Liturgical Latin in three chapters:

  1. Sacred and Hieratic Languages.

  2. Early Christian Latin and the Origin of Liturgical Latin.

  3. General Characteristics of Liturgical Latin.


Written in an easy to read format so you don't have to be a historian or scholar to understand what is contained therein. A nice companion to a grammatical Latin course which rarely gives any background to the development of the language.

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