Metalware for the Liturgy

Here are some new and used trays suitable for ceremonies.
Get them while they last!

Silver-Plated Circular Trays

These are USED silver-plated trays ideal for ceremonial use. Note, they've been given a quick polish, but still have traces of tarnish (a deep polish with Simichrome will remove or minimize these imperfections).

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6" tray (n1): $5.00

12"  tray: $12.00

6" tray (n1)
Perfect for holding soap or rings. Marked "Italy".
12" circular tray
12.25 in diameter with an inner well of 9.25 in.
Marked "Oneida Silversmiths".
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Nickel-Plated Cruet Trays

Just $10.00 each!

These NEW trays are perfect for liturgical use, such as for holding the cruets or other ceremonial needs. Both the oval and rectangular trays feature a mirror-shine nickel finish on both sides and decorative engraving work.

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Oval tray: $10.00

Rectangular tray: $10.00

Oval tray: 8.75" x 12"
Detail of oval tray
Rectangular tray: 7.625" x 11"
Detail of rectangular tray
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Oval tray: 8.75" x 12"