New England TLM Symposium



Holy Ghost Church, Tiverton, RI

Louis Tofari of Romanitas Press will be hosting a symposium for the traditional Roman Mass at Fr. Jay Finelli's parish of Holy Ghost Church at Tiverton, Rhode Island from August 2-4 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).


The training seminars will be concluded on Sunday with a Solemn Mass followed by brunch during which Mr. Tofari will give a conference to the faithful.

This symposium is being endorsed by Fr. Finelli (aka, iPadre priest) and Fr. Thomas Kocik (New Liturgical Movement contributor and author of several books on liturgical reform).


More details will be published soon. For questions, contact Louis Tofari.


To sign-up for this conference, please use the appropriate Buy Now button. Note: these fees only cover the seminars being presented (no meals, travel, accommodations, etc.).


Below are the courses that will be offered during the symposium.


Priests Workshop


For priests, deacons and seminarians

Note: all priests must have their suitability documents conveyed to the Providence, RI chancery office.

Fee: $150

This workshop will cover and practice the audible and some of the most visible parts of the celebrant at Mass.


  • Conference by Fr. Thomas Kocik: Importance of Restoring Active Participation (in relation to the priest's workshop)

  • Tones of Voice at Mass: part 1 (Sung Masses)

  • Tones of Voice at Mass: part 2 (Low Masses—Dialogue Mass options)

  • Priestly Hands: position of celebrant's hands during Mass

  • Thurible Handling Basics

  • Incensing the Altar, Gospel Book, and Oblations

  • Importance of Parish Guilds for Altar: Servers and Ladies Sodalities

  • evening to be concluded with priestly camaraderie of dinner and cocktails

Acolytes & Thurifer at High Mass Seminar



$40 for adults

$25 for adolescents (18yrs and under)

This seminar will cover many basics and principles for the acolytes and thurifers at High (and even Solemn) Masses. The courses will also provide historical and symbolic information related to these serving positions.

  • What is an Acolyte?

  • Basic Gestures and Reverences

  • Lighting and Extinguishing Altar Candles

  • Ministering Cruets and Credence Protocol

  • Basic Movements of Acolytes at High Mass

  • Carrying Processional Candles

  • Altar Bell Ringing

  • Thurible Handling and Incensing

  • Solemn Mass practice with Thurifer and Acolytes


Solemn Mass, Brunch & Talk


Free to the public

  • Brunch to be hosted by parish afterwards

  • Conference by Louis Tofari

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