Online Training

Louis Tofari is now offering training webinars. For a nominal fee, you can attend and interact with these live "correspondence courses" from the comfort of your armchair!

Upcoming live training session:

  • Priests Webinar: 12-week curriculum that teaches systematically and in a pedagogical manner the intricacies of the celebrating the traditional Mass

  • Latin Responses Webinar: 4-week curriculum for learning the acolyte's responses during the traditional Roman Mass

Here are some other online courses currently under development:

For Priests

  • Thurible Handling Webinar

MC Program

  • Missale Romanum:

    • Historical Development and Liturgical Reforms

    • Sectional Review

    • Classifications Rubrics

    • Using an Ordo

    • Preparing the Missal

  • Church Building, Sanctuary and Altar: Traditional Components and Prescriptions

  • Liturgical Books of the Roman Rite

  • General Principles of Ceremonies for the Roman Rite (For Inferior Ministers)


Other Courses

  • Acolytes at High Mass

  • Sacristan Basics Webinar:

    • Sacristy Organization Tips

    • Care of Vestments, Sacred Vessels and Altar Linens

    • Preparing the Altar for Mass