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Watch a video about this calendar's unique features!


The design of this 12-month liturgical calendar imitates the simple, but classic style found in altar missals.


The daily entries of this wall calendar conform to the 1962 Roman Calendar for the Missale Romanum, while each month features a lithograph from an altar missal and a place to conveniently write notes.


This saddle-stitched calendar hangs open at 17" high x 11" wide, which fits compactly on a wall, refrigerator or bulletin board.


The top section features a lithograph and notes section, while the bottom section displays the calendar.


Printed in black and red ink on Natural-colored paper (the same shade used for altar missals), this sheet can be easily written upon with either pen or pencil.


This calendar also features:

  • USA regional feasts
  • easy-to-interpret abbreviations for the current and traditional rules of fasting and abstaining
  • an explanation page about fasting and abstaining
  • various rubrics (e.g., for special Masses that may be said)
  • notes for the liturgical year (such as the intentions for the Church's Octave of Unity)
  • an indication of when the saint(s) is mentioned in the Roman Canon


28 pages.



I’m ordering a large order of 2022 Roman Missal Calendars again this year as Christmas gifts. I gave the calendars out to many friends at my Parish last year who loved them. One said it was “both the most frequently used and most useful gift he got last Christmas” so I’m ordering a bunch again this year. Thank you for making these wonderful calendars! Frank Arvizu


2024 Roman Missal Calendar

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