About Louis Tofari

Louis J. Tofari is an author, instructor, speaker, and consultant on liturgical matters of the traditional Roman Rite.


In addition to his extensive ceremonial experience, he is also a publisher and has a background in liturgical printing.


Mr. Tofari was also instrumental in the revival of the traditional form of the Archconfraternity of St. Stephen.

Outlined below is a brief resume of his extensive work and experience over the last 20 years.

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Louis Tofari, while acting as sacristan for a Pontifical Mass
Writer and Researcher

Instructor and Speaker
  • Provided on-site training for servers, sacristans, and clergy

  • Hosted instructional seminars and conferences for servers, MCs, and women's altar sodalities

  • Prepared trainers to teach serving positions and ceremonies

  • Taught ceremonies in religious formative curriculum (1996-1998)

  • Radio show host of Learning About the Roman Liturgy (LARL)


Consultant on Liturgical Matters
  • Provided assistance and advice about:

- rubrics and liturgical law

- sanctuary design and appointments

- sacristy organization

- church architecture aspects and prescriptions (e.g., review of drawings)

- material requisites (vestments, sacred vessels, etc.)

  • Referenced for suppliers, manufactures and restorers of liturgical materials

  • Designed and assisted with altar construction and other church items

Master of Ceremonies
  • Extensive ceremonial experience as MC includes special rites and Pontifical functions (e.g., church dedication, consecration of altar, and ordinations)

Publisher and Liturgical Printing

Advised, collaborated or assisted with the following publishers:

Fraternity of St. Peter

  • Designed and printed a USA Feasts Supplement for their Missale Romanum reprints (medium and travel sizes)

Angelus Press

Preserving Christian Publications

Reprint manager during a freelance tenure for these projects:


Canons Regular of St. John Cantius


Liturgical Typography and Publishing
  • Expertise in various aspects of liturgical printing and typography (type faces and layout)

  • Reprinted several liturgically-related books and printed items:

- Benziger Brothers' 1962 Missale Romanum (this project required specialized knowledge about liturgical binding and other manufacturing details)

- Learning the Mass: A Guide for Priests and Seminarians

- Rubrics of the Roman Breviary and Missal

- The Roman Martyrology

- USA Breviary Propers insert

- Leonine Exorcism insert

  • Designed and printed other related items, such as:

- Supplement of feasts proper to USA for 1962 Pustet Missale Romanum

- Compiled and designed Benziger missal's Table of Moveable Feasts (Tabella) supplement (updated to 2067 AD)

- Altar, Sacristy, Confessional and Leonine Prayers cards

- Cards to aid (novice) celebrant during Mass and Communion Rite

- Ritual booklets (e.g., Rite of Betrothal)

  • Initiated importation of liturgical items into United States from Europe, such as:

- Liber Uusalis

- Diurnale Romanum

- Rituale Romanum

- Breviarium Romanum

- Versus Psalmorum

- Pustet Missale Romanum (standard and travel sizes)

- Altar and sanctuary cards (Asperges, Confiteor, Intonation)

- Breviary prayers inserts


Ambassador for the Archconfraternity of St. Stephen
  • Assisted with introduction of Guild of St. Stephen in United States (1996)

  • Acted as National Secretary for Guild chapters in USA (1996-2006)

  • Procured and supplied Guild materials

  • Designed and printed various Guild items

  • Oversaw formation of chapters throughout the world

  • Founder, editor, writer and publisher of The Acolyte magazine (1998)

  • Reprinted The Altar Servers' Handbook

  • Founding president of several chapters

MC during Corpus Christi
MC during Corpus Christi

Imposing incense before the Eucharistic Procession

MC training seminar
MC training seminar

Teaching future MCs how to give the incense spoon to the celebrant

Printing Benziger Missale Romanum
Printing Benziger Missale Romanum

The first signature of the Benziger Brothers Roman Missal reprint project

Enrollment into Archconfraternity
Enrollment into Archconfraternity

As Chapter President, assisting with enrollment of Junior Acolytes into the Guild of St. Stephen

Altar Linens Conference
Altar Linens Conference

Giving a conference to a women's altar and rosary society about altar linens

MCing a High Mass
MCing a High Mass

A special Votive Mass of St. Stephen held for a Senior Acolyte Day of Recollection

Altar missal layout session
Altar missal layout session

Explaining the development and layout of the Roman Missal during an MC seminar

How to assist at the missal
How to assist at the missal

Explaining and practicing with MCs-in-training how to confidently assist at the missal

Explanation of the sacred vestments
Explanation of the sacred vestments

Teaching about the history, use, preparation, associated prayers and symbolism of the sacred vestments

Learning About the Roman Liturgy
Learning About the Roman Liturgy

Louis Tofari hosts a weekly radio show at Magnificat Media -- click the link to listen to previous broadcasts

Guild Enrollment ceremony
Guild Enrollment ceremony

Inducting servers into the St. Stephen's Guild

Liturgical research and typography
Liturgical research and typography

The Tabella Temporaria Festorum Mobilium that Mr. Tofari developed for the Benziger missal reprint

Christmas Candlelight Midnight Mass
Christmas Candlelight Midnight Mass

Over 1000 candles are lit to honor Christ, Light of the Word. Mr. Tofari was instrumental in originating this unique practice and of designing the special chandeliers

Ecclesiastical tour meister
Ecclesiastical tour meister

Giving a historical and architectural tour to the Historic Kansas City Foundation

St. Michael the Archangel Altar
St. Michael the Archangel Altar

An altar and canopy designed and constructed by Louis Tofari.

Solemn Mass
Solemn Mass

MCing a Solemn Mass