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Would you like your altar servers, parishioners or clergy to be more knowledgeable about liturgical matters?

Contact Louis Tofari about giving a conference at your church!

The host of the radio program, Learning About the Roman Liturgy, Louis Tofari can give conferences on a wide variety of liturgical matters, while entwining their historical, symbolic, rubrical and practical aspects.

Louis Tofari makes his conferences interesting with a multi-media presentation (e.g., materials, pictures, and videos), an engaging speaking manner (questions welcomed!) and a wealth of unique information (see his Video Talks for a "live" sample).

These conferences are a great help for developing a greater interest, knowledge and devotion to the sacred liturgy among the laity and clergy. Louis Tofari is available to offer conferences at churches, schools, seminaries, committees, or even to particular groups such as altar societies.

Here is a sample of conferences that Louis Tofari has given in the past:

  • Sacred Linens: Their Historical Development, Symbolism and Current Use

  • Rites of Holy Week: An Overview of the Ceremonies and Their Meaning

  • Seasonal Conferences: Ash Wednesday, Candlemas

  • Explanation of the Parts of the Traditional Roman Mass

  • The Church Building: Its Interior Layout

  • The Communion Cloth

  • Development of the Missale Romanum

  • Liturgical Reform: From the Council of Trent to 1962

  • Pontifical Mass at the Throne Essentials

  • Active Participation at Mass: Why and How

  • Solemn Mass: A Presentation of the Form

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