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Organization & Management

Need some tips on how to manage your servers? Or help in organizing your sacristy or ladies altar society? Want to start a St. Stephen's Guild chapter in your parish?

Contact Louis Tofari for some advice!

A natural organizer and detailed-orientated, Louis Tofari has over 20 years of experience in managing altar servers. For just as long, he has been providing advice and guidance to pastors, heads of servers, sacristans (including church florists, cleaners and launderers).

Heads of Altar Servers

Here are some ways that Louis Tofari can offer some strategic guidance to those in charge of altar servers:

  • refer to resources for general information

  • review management and organizational techniques (e.g., schedules, communications with servers)

  • provide leadership formation

  • explain effective training methods

  • assist with implementation and utilization of a St. Stephen's Guild chapter

  • determine immediate action items

  • give on-site evaluation and recommend objectives to obtain

  • offer follow-up consultation and evaluation

  • advise on how to increase and maintain serving standards

Mr. Tofari can be consulted either remotely or brought on-site for consultation.

Sacristans and Altar Sodalities

For many years Louis Tofari has been advising and training sacristans and ladies in various sacristy duties, so that they may better know and appreciate what they are working with, as well as inform them in efficient and economical methods.

In addition to providing valuable reference resources,** Mr. Tofari has also directly assisted with such key topics as:

  • sacred linens: their proper form, use, and care

  • altar decorations: how to secure altar cloths, hang an antependium, etc.

  • floral arrangements: their liturgical use and arrangement concepts

  • church decorations: how to conform to the Church's spirit and rubrics with simple elegance

  • sacristy organization: storage and arrangement ideas and good practices on how to care for sacristy items such as vestments, books, and metal ware

  • vestment-making: advice on types (chasuble, dalmatic, tunicle, etc.), styles of cut and trim, etc.

  • material requisites: recommendations for ecclesiastical fabrics, metal ware, suppliers or manufacturers

Mr. Tofari can be consulted either remotely or brought on-site for evaluation and sacristy-duties training seminars.

**For example the books, The Liturgical Altar, A Guide for Altar and Sanctuary, and Candles in the Roman Rite, as well as the many publications that Mr. Tofari has in his library on sacristy matters and vestment-making.

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