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Reviews of Books, Videos and Recordings

A classic Latin Vulgate Bible reprinted!

A review by Louis Tofari


This all-Latin Vulgate Bible originally published in 1901 has been reprinted by Considered the most accurate Latin version of the Catholic Bible. Complete with classic engravings and fully indexed. A classic edition reproduced with quality and at an economical price!

Liber Brevior

A review by Louis Tofari


This compact book of Gregorian Chant for the Roman Rite is a economical alternative to the full Liber Usualis for parishes and schools. First published by Monks of Solesmes in 1954, this short compilation of chants is now in its 3rd printing by Preserving Christian Publications, and as an expanded edition. This book also features the English rubrics and explanations.

Assumption Chants by Fontgombault

A review by Louis Tofari


In 2017, one of the most well-known and beautiful chant recordings of Abbey Notre Dame de Fontgombault for the Mass and Office of the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was re-released as a CD and downloadable audio files. These recordings are not only a premier example of how Gregorian chant should be technically rendered, but more importantly, spiritually sung, or prayed.

Manual of Episcopal Ceremonies

A review by Louis Tofari


Archabbot Stehle's 1961 rubrical work for pontifical rites (reprinted by Preserving Christian Publications) is an invaluable resource. His Manual presents a systematic approach in explaining the preparations, the minister's offices, and common liturgical actions for both ordinary and occasional episcopal ceremonies (such as the Holy Week Rites and Holy Orders). More importantly for Americans, he has incorporated the particular customs of pontifical functions that were practiced in our country.

The Saints Who Pray with Us in the Mass

A review by Alexandra Reis


"The Saints who Pray with Us in the Mass, written by Most Rev. Amleto Giovanni Cicognani, Archbishop of Laodicea, is an essential book that reminds us of all the saints that are commemorated at the Mass, and the virtuous lives that they lived in order to get to heaven and merit the graces that we need to reach Paradise as well..."

Holy Week Gregorian Chant Book

A review by Louis Tofari

Just in time for Holy Week (2018), Preserving Christian Publications has reprinted its special compilation of the traditional Holy Week chants from the Liber Usualis.


This compact and economical book contains all of the proper chants for the Masses and ceremonies from Palm Sunday to the Easter Vigil, as well as the Office of Tenebrae. This edition also features English texts.

1963 Liber Usualis

A review by Louis Tofari


Preserving Christian Publications has made a high-quality reproduction of the Latin-English edition that includes the USA Proper Feasts.


Also includes a Table of Movable Feasts updated to 2041 and a supplement for Votive Masses of the Immaculate Heart of Mary during the seasons of Septuagesima, Lent and Paschaltide.

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