Video Talks

Watch (or just listen) to video talks given by Louis Tofari on liturgical matters.

You can also listen to podcasts of Louis Tofari's radio show, Learning About the Roman Liturgy (LARL).

Mediator Dei and the Liturgical Movement

Louis Tofari focuses on Pius XII's encyclical on the liturgy, Mediator Dei and the legitimate objectives of the Liturgical Movement. He also discusses the benefits of the liturgical reforms comprising the 1962 Missale Romanum and how the Novus Ordo Missae contradicts Mediator Dei. Lastly, he gives some tips on how the rightful goals of the Liturgical Movement should continued to be implemented at the traditional Mass. Given during the Catholic Family News conference in Chicago on 5-4-2019 (more talks from "50 Years of the New Mass" can be obtained here).

St. Joseph: Protector of Church Universal

Ite ad Joseph! This talk demonstrates how we should confidently rely on the patronage and protection of St. Joseph in this time of crisis within the Church. Given at the Fatima Center's 2019 Houston, TX conference on 3-2-2019.

The Catholic Altar: Structure of Sanctification

A talk on the traditional structure and consecration rite of the altar and how they relate to our sanctification. Given at the Fatima Center's 2018 Philadelphia, PA conference on 11-10-2018.

Veiling the Sacred in the Roman Rite

A conference on veiling the two most important items in a church: the high altar and tabernacle. Given at the Traditional Roman Mass Symposium on 9-16-2017 at Pittsburg University, Kansas.

How to Participate at the Traditional Mass

A presentation about the importance of the laity participating at Mass, includes some history, principles and practical tips. Given at the Traditional Roman Mass Symposium on 9-16-2017 at Pittsburg University, Kansas.

Classic Catholic interviews

Video discussions with Abbey Clint, host of the Facebook group, Classic Catholic.