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Videos & Podcasts

Watch or listen to speaker and author, Louis Tofari, discuss various topics about traditional Roman Catholicism.

See also his Training and Instructional videos.

Mediator Dei


Mediator Dei and the Liturgical Movement

CFN, Chicago; 5-4-2019

Explanation of Pope Pius XII's encyclical on the liturgy, Mediator Dei and the legitimate objectives of the Liturgical Movement.


St. Joseph: Protector of Church Universal

Fatima Center, Houston, TX; 3-2-2019

How we should confidently rely on the patronage and protection of St. Joseph in this time of crisis within the Church.

The Catholic Altar: Structure of Sanctification

Fatima Center, Philadelphia, PA conference; 11-10-2018

On the traditional structure and consecration rite of the altar and how they relate to our sanctification.

Veiling the Sacred in the Roman Rite

Pittsburg University, KS; 9-16-2017

About veiling the two most important items in a church: the high altar and tabernacle.

How to Participate at the Traditional Mass

Pittsburg University, KS; 9-16-2017

The importance of the laity participating at Mass; includes some history, principles and practical tips.

LifeSmything w/ Cynthia

With host, Cynthia Burley

Franciscan Meditations (Review)

Catholic Men of America

With host, Jeff Cassman

Preparing for Easter (book review)

Classic Catholic

With host, Abbey Clint

Altar linens and their significance

The Saints Who Pray with Us in the Mass: Book Review

St. Joseph
Catholic Altar
Veiling the Sacred
How to Participate
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