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Rubrical References

In addition to the titles offered by Romanitas Press, here is a list of rubrical references cited in various articles on this website.

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Rubrical References
J.B. O'Connell; Celebration of Mass
Fortescue; Ceremonies of Roman Rite Described
L. O'Connell; Book of Ceremonies
Britt; How to Serve
O'Kane; Notes on the Rubrics of the Roman Ritual
Stehle; Manual of Episcopal Ceremonies
Rubrics of the Roman Breviary Missal
Schmitz; Learning the Mass
Baltimore Ceremonial; Rosati-Milholland
Wuest, Mullaney & Barry; Matters Liturgical
Mueller-Ellis; Handbook of Ceremonies
Martinucci-Menghini; Manuale Sacrarum Caeremoniarum
LeVavasseur-Haegy-Stercky; Manuel de Liturgie

The Celebration of Mass: A Study of the Rubrics of the Roman Missal

Rev. J.B. O'Connell (Bruce, 1964)

A comprehensive book by a respected liturgical author. Includes sections on topics such as liturgical law and custom. Offers many details that other rubricians omit. It was the last contemporary manual for the 1962 Missale Romanum. [Reprinted by Preserving Christian Publications]

The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described

Dr. Adrian Fortescue (1962; St. Austin Press, Revised 2007)

The indispensable, all-year round ceremonial book is complete with many helpful diagrams—a standard and must-have for those in English-speaking countries. [Reprinted by St. Michael's Abbey Press; available in USA via Angelus Press]

The Book of Ceremonies

Very Rev. Lawrence O'Connell (Bruce, 1956)

One of the best and detailed ceremonial manuals available in English for ordinary ceremonies. It lists the general principles systematically as no other previous rubrical book (in any language) had. [Presently this can be obtained only secondhand or 1943 edition via]

Learning the Mass: A Manual for Seminarians and Priests

Rev. Walter Schmitz, S.S. (Benziger Brothers, 1960)

A concise and handy manual for learning how to offer the traditional Roman Mass. Includes parallel columns of the missal Latin text with English explanations. [Available from Angelus Press]

How to Serve In Simple, Solemn, and Pontifical Functions

Dom Matthew Britt, O.S.B. (Bruce, 1934)

An excellent and detailed manual for altar servers which embodies some of the best practices. [Reprinted by Biretta Books]

Manual of Episcopal Ceremonies

Archabbot Aurelius Stehle (Archabbey Press, 1961)

A clear and concise manual outlining the various principles for the individual ministers during pontifical ceremonies. Several charts and diagrams included to assist in describing and preparing the ceremonies. [Reprinted by Preserving Christian Publications]

The Handbook of Ceremonies for Priests and Seminarians

Mueller-Ellis (Herder, 1954)

A handy manual often cited by English-language rubricians. [Presently this edition can be obtained only secondhand; 1907 edition is available in PDF via Google Books]

Ceremonial for the Use of the Catholic Churches in the United States of America

Rev. W. Carroll Milholland, S.S. (H.L. Kilner, 1941)

This manual is also known as The Baltimore Ceremonial. It was originally written by Bishop Joseph Rosati to fulfil the directive of the First Plenary Council of Baltimore (1829) that the churches in the United States should strictly follow the Roman usage for ceremonies. It went through 9 editions, but was eventually superseded by such works as The Book of Ceremonies. [Available only secondhand; 1894 edition available in PDF via]

A Manual of Ceremonies of Low Mass

Lester Kuenzel (Pustet, 1924)

A well-regarded guide on how to offer Low Mass written by an official of the Roman Pontifical Academy of Liturgy. The latest English edition (2nd revised) was published in 1924. [Currently available on secondhand; 1920 PDF edition available via]

The Sacred Ceremonies of Low Mass

Zualdi-O'Callaghan (Newman Book Shop, 1944)

Another frequently referenced manual on Low Mass authored by Fr. Felix Zualdi, CM and edited by Fr. M. O'Callaghan, CM (both Vincentians). [Currently available only secondhand]

Compendium Sacrae Liturgicae juxta Ritum Romanum

Rev. Innocentius Wapelhorst, O.F.M. (Benziger Brothers, 1931)

A Latin rubrical manual that concisely explains general ceremonies of the Roman Rite. Written by an American Franciscan, it also lists the recognized USA liturgical customs. [Presently this edition can be obtained only secondhand; 1931 edition is available in PDF via]

Manuale Sacrarum Caeremoniarum

Msgr. Pio Martinucci, Msgr. Giovanni-Batista Menghini (Pustet, 1911-1915)

The classic source for the Roman Rite and written by a papal master of ceremonies. Revised by Menghini, also a papal master of ceremonies. [Presently this can be obtained only secondhand; 1897 edition is available in PDF via Google Books]

Esposizione delle Sacre Cerimonie

Msgr. Giuseppe Baldeschi, CM (Desclee, 1931)

While this Italian work is considered somewhat obsolete by 20th century rubricians, nevertheless, it revised editions continued to be an important reference. [Presently this can be obtained only secondhand or 1931 edition via Una Voce Italy]

Sacrae Liturgiae Praxis, Juxta Ritum Romanum

P.J.B. De Herdt (Vanlinthout Fratres, 1903)

Under the full title of Sacrae liturgiae praxis, juxta ritum Romanum, in missae celebratione, officii recitatione et sacramentorum administratione servanda, this is an excellent manual in Latin. [Presently available only secondhand; 1877 edition available in PDF via Google Books]

Caeremoniale (Sacra Liturgia)

J.F. Van der Stappen (Dessain, 1935)

This well-regarded Latin manual is part of a 5-volume Sacra Liturgia set written by a Dutch auxiliary bishop on the sacred liturgy. The book's complete title is: (Tomus V) Caeremoniale seu manuale ad functiones sacras solemnes rite peragendas ad usum alumnorum seminarii archiepiscopalis Mechliniensis, and its last revision was printed in 1935. [Presently available only secondhand]

Manuel de Liturgie et Ceremonial Selon le Rit Romain

Le Vavasseur-Haegy-Stercky (LeCoffre, 1935 and 1940)

  • 2-volume comprehensive set (printed in 1935)

  • Abridged single volume (1940) for parish use (Ceremonial a l'usage des petites eglises de paroisse)

Authored in French by Fr. Leon-Michel Le Vavasseur to provide the Holy Ghost Fathers with a manual containing strictly Roman practices. It was revised several times, first by Fr. Joseph Haegy and lastly by Fr. Louis Stercky. [Both books reprinted by SSPX's Econe, Switzerland seminary]

Notes on the Rubrics of the Roman Ritual

Rev. James O'Kane (P. O'Shea, 1883)

Though somewhat outdated due to certain revisions to the Roman Ritual, nevertheless, this manual continues to be a good general reference. Includes a Supplement on Penance and Matrimony. [Available only secondhand; available in PDF via Google Books]


Schulte-O'Connell (Benziger, 1956)

The full title of this valuable ritual-manual compiled by A.J. Schulte is: Consecranda: The Rite Observed in Some of the Principal Functions of the Roman Pontifical and the Roman Ritual. It contains many informative diagrams and the Latin ritual texts. The final edition was edited by J.B. O'Connell. [Available only secondhand; available in PDF via]

Liturgical Law: A Handbook of the Roman Liturgy

Rev. P. Charles Augustine, O.S.B. (Herder, 1931)

A comprehensive resource on liturgical law and practices of the Roman Liturgy. [Available only secondhand; 1931 edition in PDF via]

Rubrics of the Roman Breviary and Missal

Sacred Congregation of Rites (1960)

An English translation of the Rubricae Generales section of the 1962 Missale Romanum and Breviarium Romanum. [Available from Angelus Press]

Matters Liturgical (Collectio Rerum Liturgicarium)

Revs. Joseph Wuest, Thomas Mullaney & William Barry, C.SS.R (Pustet, 1959)

An excellent compendium of liturgical laws and prescriptions. [Presently this can be obtained only secondhand; 1915 edition is available in PDF via]

1917 Code of Canon Law

Codex Juris Canonici (Vatican, 1917)

As the main corpus of ecclesiastical law, the 1917 (Pio-Benedictine) Code of Canon was frequently cited by rubricians concerning liturgical matters. Liturgical law is actually a sub-category of Canon Law. [Presently available only secondhand; PDF edition available from / HTML version available from]

Church Building and Furnishings: The Church's Way

J.B. O'Connell (University of Notre Dame Press, 1955)

A comprehensive work on church architecture and appointments by a respected liturgical author. [Presently available only secondhand]

Churches: Their Plan and Furnishing

Peter Anson (Bruce, 1948)

This excellent resource on church architecture and furnishings is complete with Anson's drawings of proposed layouts and various appointments. [Presently available only secondhand; 1948 PDF edition available via]

Costume of Prelates of the Catholic Church: According to Roman Etiquette

John A. Nainfa (John Murphy Co., 1925)

Describes in detail the ecclesiastical dress traditionally worn by prelates, both domestically and liturgically. [Available only secondhand; 1926 edition available in PDF via]

Clerical Dress and Insignia of the Roman Catholic Church

Henry J. McCloud (Bruce, 1948)

Covers rules for clerical dress of various ranks and religious orders. [Presently only available secondhand; or as PDF at Hathi Trust Digital Library]

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Church Architecture
J.B. O'Connell; Church Building and Furnishings: The Church's Way
Nainfa; Costume of Prelates
Augustine; Liturgical Law
Ecclesiastical Vesture
Wapelhorst; Compendium Sacrae Liturgicae
De Herdt; Sacrae Liturgiae Praxis
1917 Code of Canon Law
Liturgical Law
Anson: Churches: Their Plan and Furnishing
Van der Stappen: Caeremoniale
Kuenzel: Manual of Ceremonies of Low Mass
Zualdi-O'Callaghan: Sacred Ceremonies of Low Mass
Baldeschi; Esposizione
Consecranda; Schulte
McCloud; Clerical Dress and Insignia
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