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Architecture & Liturgical Arts

Designing a new church or remodeling a sanctuary and want to make sure you do it right? Still looking for that perfect set of altar candles that will accentuate your high altar? Want to save money in properly decorating your altar?

Contact Louis Tofari to see how he can assist your project!


Avoid costly mistakes and consult first with Louis Tofari even before your architect starts designing your new church or sanctuary remodeling (read some testimonies).

A church building primarily exists for the altar and hence the rites of the sacred liturgy. So it is imperative to ensure your church offers the required space for a full and edifying execution of the ceremonial actions, particularly in the sanctuary.


Unfortunately, such crucial spatial aspects are often overlooked by architects who tend to focus on implementing a stylistic beauty—or even are unaware of how a church building will be ceremonially utilized. If such oversights are not corrected before construction, it's often impractical—or prohibitively expensive—to remedy them.

You can avoid such problems by consulting with Louis Tofari, who has assisted with many church architecture projects by:

  • providing resources about the Church's spirit and prescriptions for church buildings and furnishings

  • advising on conceptual plans

  • collaborating with architects to offer guidance on church design points (e.g., minimum spatial dimensions required)

  • reviewing architectural drawings

  • assessing conditions and recommending improvements (e.g., undoing "wreckovations")

  • offering economical solutions for fund-strapped parishes

Liturgical Arts

More and more artisans are discovering a truer sense of Catholic beauty and so desire to restore the Church's artistic traditions.

However, it is equally important that artists and designers of liturgical objects (altars, sanctuary furnishings, sacred vessels and vestments) understand the Church's authentic prescriptions for these items and thereby avoid repeating mistakes of the past.

Louis Tofari can assist liturgical artisans by:


  • providing resources about the best ideals, practices and laws of liturgical art in the Latin Church

  • reviewing proposed designs or renovation project concepts

  • recommending their work to others

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