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Publishing Projects

Want to publish a book on liturgical matters? In need of advice on how to approach a printing project?

Contact Louis Tofari if you need advice or assistance for your project!

Louis Tofari has a wide range of experience in printing, particularly in liturgical publishing. He is also consulted for his editorial and research skills, giving conceptual ideas, and providing valuable feedback on production details.

Romanitas Press has also expanded its own publishing work to include brokerage services for those who would like to print a project of their own related to either the Liturgy or the Catholic Faith, but do not have the experience or production resources to realize their dream.

Here are some publishing services that Romanitas Press can offer:

  • review project for financial feasibility

  • recommend printing and binding options

  • assist with editing, typesetting, layout and cover design

  • manage printing aspects

  • provide marketing and distribution (wholesale and retail)

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