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Liturgical Latin Resources

One of the greatest challenges of restoring the traditional Roman Liturgy is learning its sacred language, Latin. Here are some resources for not only learning, but also teaching this important liturgical element.

Latin Responses Webinar

A 4-week live webinar course that integrates the gestures, reverences, historical, symbolic and spiritual aspects of the acolyte's responses at Mass. Includes certification.

Server's Mass Responses Card

This card features the more romano pronunciation and corresponding English phonetics. It can be used as:

  • an easy training guide for learning or teaching the Latin responses.

  • or as a memory aid for the acolyte while serving.

Liturgical Latin Spoken by Italians

This page features examples of recordings of Italians speaking liturgical Latin.

Training Guide for Teaching and Testing Latin Mass Responses

This 10-page PDF provides a curriculum for classes, training exercises, and homework assignments for effectively teaching the Latin responses. Another segment includes tips for testing servers on their responses.

Testing Sheet for Server's Mass Responses

This double-sided sheet provides an effective tool for testing servers on their Latin responses. Includes guidelines for what to review and objectives to be met.

Additional Resources for Liturgical Latin

Below are some offerings from which also offers resources on the Latin Bible, such as the Clementine-Vulgate edition.

Liturgical Latin: Church Latin and Your Missal
Wilfrid Diamond (Benziger, 1941)

Learn the Latin used at Mass!

Dictionary of Liturgical Latin

Wilfrid Diamond (1961)
This excellent resource features the vocabulary of the Latin Liturgy, not Cicero.

Liturgical Latin: Its Origins and Character

Prof. Christine Mohrmann (1957)

An important work that gives a brief but detailed explanation of Liturgical Latin in three chapters:

  1. Sacred and Hieratic Languages.

  2. Early Christian Latin and the Origin of Liturgical Latin.

  3. General Characteristics of Liturgical Latin.

For the Psalms

The Psalms are the mainstay of prayer in the sacred liturgy, whether in the Mass, Divine Office (Breviary) or other functions. This reprint from Preserving Christian Publications is an invaluable reference for following the Psalms.

A Dictionary of the Psalter

Dom Matthew Britt, O.S.B. (1928)

Learn the Latin Language!

Educate yourself in the mother tongue of the Roman Catholic Church with these great resources.

Little Latin Readers: Where Catholics Learn Latin

One of the easiest and best immersion methods available today! Developed specifically for Catholics and applicable for both children and adults.

An effective way to learn Latin is to pray in it! This terrific resource offers prayer cards and pamphlets with common Latin prayers (such as the Rosary) and their corresponding phonetics (developed in collaboration with Romanitas Press).

Liturgical Latin; Mohrmann
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