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Liturgical Documents and Articles

Quo Primum

Promulgation of reformed and codified Roman Missal

Pope St. Pius V, 1570

Cum Sanctissimum

Promulgation of reformed Roman Missal

Pope Clement VIII, 1604

Si Quid Est

Promulgation of revised Roman Missal

Pope Urban VIII, 1634

Tra le Sollecitudini
Restoration of Sacred Music
Pope St. Pius X, 1903

Divino Afflatu

On the Reform of the Roman Breviary

Pope St. Pius X, 1911

Adhinc Duos Annos

Towards a Liturgical Reform

Announcing a general reform and outlining some details

Pope St. Pius X, 1913

Divini Cultus

The Holiness of Divine Worship

On Gregorian Chant and Sacred Music

Pope Pius XI, 1928

Mediator Dei

On the Sacred Liturgy

Pope Pius XII, 1947

Christus Dominus

Concerning the Discipline to be Observed
with Respect to the Eucharistic Fast
Pope Pius XII, 1953

Musicae Sacrae
On Sacred Music
Pope Pius XII, 1955

Cum Nostra Hac Aetate
On the Simplification of the Rubrics
Pope Pius XII, 1955

Sacred Music and Liturgy

[aka Rubricarum instructum]

Liturgical Notions and Rules of Sacred Music and Active Participation

SRC Instruction, 1958

Reforms of St. Pius X

Notes on the New Rubrics and the Use of the New Psalter (1911)

Some extracts that explain the principal points and motivation of the 1911 Breviary Reform (Divino Afflatu).

Discussions on Continuing Reforms

Reflections on Breviary Reform

A article (1953) by Dom Salmon, OSB about future revisions to the Breviary including a distinction of public and private versions.

Holy Week Reform of Pius XII

Maxima Redemptionis Nostrae Mysteria

To Restore the Liturgical Order of Holy Week―1955 SRC General Decree.

Extracts from The Rites of Holy Week Manual

This 1956 ceremonial explains the reasons, objectives, and pastoral solicitude for the Holy Week Reform.

Paschal Candle: History, Symbolism and Restoration

Two vintage articles (1933 & 1951) that explain the history and symbolism of the Paschal Candle, and its restoration in the reformed Easter Vigil.

The History and Spirit of Holy Week
A comprehensive article (1957) by Fr. John Miller that explores the Holy Week rites and their subsequent reform.

Preparing for Holy Week
An excellent book from 1957 by Fr. Clifford Howell, SJ about the significance of the Holy Week Rites. Provides many useful tips for priests.

The Masses of Holy Week and the Easter Vigil

Compiled by Fr. Godfrey Diekmann, OSB, this 1957 missalette has been provided as as study guide to review the prayers and rituals of the Holy Week Reform (45mb)

​On the Holy Week Reform

Vidcast: Louis Tofari with Jeff Cassman (Welcome to Tradition)

Defending the 1955 Liturgical Reform

Vidcast: Louis Tofari with Timothy Flanders (The Meaning of Catholic)

1960 New Code of Rubrics for Roman Missal and Breviary

Rubricarum Instructum
Apostolic Letter of Pope John XXIII promulgating the new code of rubrics.

Commentary on the New Code of Rubrics
An explanation of the new rubrics and their rationale by Fr. Joseph Loew, SRC consultor.

Rubrics of the Roman Breviary and Missal (1960 Code)

St. Joseph's Name in Canon (1962)

For the Insertion of the Name of St. Joseph in the Prayers of the Mass

An excellent study of 1961 on the efforts since 1815 to achieve the goal. Includes an account of Pope John XXIII's act in November 1962.

On Reforms of 1962 Liturgical Books

On Substantial and Accidental Change in the Liturgical Texts
Fr. Albert Marcello explains important distinctions concerning the '62 liturgical reforms and errors of the pre-55 stance.

Archbishop Lefebvre on the Liturgical Reforms of Pope Pius XII
A compilation of extracts from Archbishop Lefebvre explaining how the liturgical reforms of Popes Pius XII and John XXIII are not modernist and must be accepted.

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