Liturgical Documents and Articles

Papal Documents

Quo Primum

Promulgation of reformed and codified Roman Missal

Pope St. Pius V, 1570

Cum Sanctissimum

Promulgation of reformed Roman Missal

Pope Clement VIII, 1604

Si Quid Est

Promulgation of revised Roman Missal

Pope Urban VIII, 1634

Divino Afflatu

On the Reform of the Roman Breviary

Pope St. Pius X, 1911

Adhinc Duos Annos

Towards a Liturgical Reform

(Announcing a general reform and outlining some details)

Pope St. Pius X, 1913 motu proprio

Divini Cultus

The Holiness of Divine Worship

(On Gregorian Chant and Sacred Music)

Pope Pius XI, 1928

Mediator Dei

On the Sacred Liturgy

Pope Pius XII, 1947

Articles and Extracts
Reforms of St. Pius X


Notes on the New Rubrics and the Use of the New Psalter (1911)

Some extracts that explain the principal points and motivation of the 1911 Breviary Reform (Divino Afflatu).


Holy Week Reform of Pius XII

Maxima Redemptionis Nostrae Mysteria

To Restore the Liturgical Order of Holy Week―1955 SRC General Decree

Extracts from The Rites of Holy Week Manual

These extracts from a 1956 ceremonial explain the reasons, objectives, and pastoral solicitude of the Holy Week Reform.

Paschal Candle: History, Symbolism and Restoration

Two vintage HPR articles (1933 & 1951) that explain the history and symbolism of the Paschal Candle, and its restoration in the reformed Easter Vigil.