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Trainer for Servers, Clergy & Sacristans

Master of Ceremonies

He's been called "the Gordon Ramsay of the sanctuary and sacristy" and with over 20 years of experience, Louis Tofari can help to perfect your servers, clergy and sacristans!

"Have altar, will travel"

If you are interested in bringing Louis Tofari to your parish for some on-site training, don't hesitate to contact him to speak to him about your needs and his fees.

* * * * *

Altar Servers

Your altar servers are of great importance and comprise a major investment for your parish.

Louis Tofari offers training not only for the serving positions of Low, High and Solemn Mass, but also specific courses for Masters of Ceremonies, and seasonal and special rites such as Holy Week and Pontifical functions (read some testimonies).

Here's how Louis Tofari's comprehensive on-site training seminars can benefit your altar servers:

  • raise their serving standards resulting in edifying ceremonies

  • teach them not only what to do ceremonially, but also why

  • give focus to obtain personal holiness through their serving duties

  • help them better appreciate the immense privilege of serving

  • instill them with an enduring interest in the sacred liturgy

  • assist in fostering priestly vocations through intelligent and reverent service at God's altar

Masters of Ceremonies

In particular, Louis Tofari offers courses for Master of Ceremonies (often given over a weekend as an "MC Boot Camp") that provides them with a specialized knowledge for this important position (read some testimonies):

  • overview of the church building, especially the sanctuary and altar

  • explanation of the general principles of the ceremonies of the Roman Rite

  • review of material requisites such as vestments, sacred vessels, and liturgical books

  • review of the Missale Romanum's historical development, layout and setup

  • in-depth practices of the MC's position including how to assist at the missal

  • how to spiritually and practically prepare for this "privileged of privileged" serving positions

​​In addition to his usual MC training program, Louis Tofari also offers his own MC services and on-site training for your servers, clergy, and sacristans for seasonal or special ceremonies of a more complex nature (e.g., Holy Week).

Louis Tofari has extensive ceremonial experience as a Master of Ceremonies, not only in regularly-seen rites (e.g., High Mass), but also in seasonal, solemn, and pontifical functions.

* * * * *


More and more clergy are becoming interested in the traditional Roman Liturgy and eager to learn its ceremonies!

Louis Tofari can help the clergy to obtain a sound formation in the traditional liturgy's spirit and principles of the Roman Liturgy in a variety of ways:

  • perfect the positions of inferior ministers (see Altar Servers above)

  • review the liturgical pronunciation of Latin

  • comprehensively train Masters of Ceremonies

  • help perfect the celebrant's offering of Mass

  • review the general principles that regulate the Roman Rite

  • teach the roles of sacred ministers for Solemn and Pontifical functions

* * * * *


Church sacristans are nearly invisible as they go about their duties and yet they provide crucial assistance for all ceremonies. The sacristan is also a privileged position and one that can sanctify him through close contact with the sacred objects used for the worship of God.

Louis Tofari can assist your sacristans in a number of ways:

  • review the liturgical prescriptions that apply to the sanctuary and sacristy

  • give historical, symbolic and practical explanations about the altar, vestments, sacred vessels, etc. (learn the why behind the how)

  • provide efficient preparatory and maintenance procedures

  • assess the sacristy's organization and material requisites and make recommendations for improvements

  • make recommendations about improvements to material requisites

  • engender a greater importance and sense of privilege of the sacristan's role

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