Peregrinus Stories

Take a ride in these witty stories by Fr. Michael Chapman that combines the wandering adventures of two priests via gasoline who along the way address liturgical matters.

Some introductory words about Fr. Michael Chapman's books:

  • Peregrinus Gasolinus: Wandering Notes on the Liturgy

  • Peregrinus Goes Abroad


Includes a short biography on the author.

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altars - candles - electric lights at altar

A badly battered flivver drew up by the side of the country road in front of the Church of St. Rusticus, and two men alighted...

veiling sacred vessels - exposition rubrics

"If you're going to quiz me about the origin and development of the ceremonies of Corpus Christi..."

altar bell - crotalus

"What about the Sanctus Bell," queried the Antiquary, as he pottered around the klaxon...

standing during Credo - extra genuflections

"Their [servers'] work is little, but if they do that little well and reverently, they merit the title the Church gives them..."

grating - location - crates ferreae

"But don't forget, my dear Pere, that the box is one innovation which is fully approved, indeed commanded, by the Church..."

scamnum use - Benediction mistakes

"A very simple general rule governs, for Corpus Christi and the Forty Hours Devotion, that oft-mistaken action..."

evergreens - altar construction

"I suppose this business of bringing evergreens into the church at Christmas can hardly be called a 'Roman custom'..."

symbolism of chasuble & Gospel

"There's your utilitarian ceremonial," broke in the Antiquary. "It was definitely useful when vestments really were vestments..."

proper use of altars

"Did you notice that besides the fact that Fr. Margo's side altars were cluttered up with all sorts of extraneous miscellany..."

clean daily linens - stole collar

"I never could see why so many of the clergy put up, unnecessarily, with one amice and one purificator for a whole week of Masses..."

ambry location - oil stocks

"The Ritual prescribes that the priest shall carry the vase or stock of Oil for the Sick enclosed in a sack or violet-colored silk..."

wearing surplice and stole - pyx burse

"The rubric of the Ritual about wearing surplice and stole in sacramental administration is very strictly interpreted..."

chasuble - cassock - surplice - fabrics

"Those were very nice thin vestments Fr. Rusticus had, no linings, sheer silk, quite the thing for hot days like this..."

genuflections - signing cross with monstrance

"Then look at the way the Sign of the Cross is made with the monstrance. Why, it's like anything but the Sacred Sign of our Redemption!"

electric lights - sanctuary lamp

"What about electric lights in the sanctuary lamp before the Blessed Sacrament?" asked the Antiquary...

ceremonial movements - gestures

"When we get 'on the altar' we keep on rushing. It's a sign of the times, part of the nervous fitfulness of modern life..."

ecclesiastical vocabulary

"There are good precedents in liturgiology for many good old terms which were familiar to our Catholic forefathers but sound strange to us..."

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scamnum - extra servers - sanctuary lamp

"...It’s another instance of 'topsy-turvy ceremonial' like the other matters we have discussed..."

baptistery matters

"...It's another instance of 'topsy-turvy ceremonial' like the other matters we have discussed..."

Leonine Prayers rules

"But they are always to be said after every Low Mass, are they not?"