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Training Videos

Watch an instructional video to obtain valuable examples and tips on serving and sacristy matters! These videos are perfect for self-education or presenting in a class setting.

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Preparing for Holy Week
Preparing for the Holy Week Ceremonies

Louis Tofari explains the importance and advantages of preparing early for the unique ceremonies of Holy Week, and gives some tips to both priests and MCs.

Ceremonial notes mentioned in video:

PDFs available at


Cantus Passionis books (vols 1-3; 1953):

Metalware for Liturgy available from Romanitas Press

Crotalus: How to Use

Louis Tofari briefly demonstrates how to use the crotalus (clapper) during the Sacred Triduum of Holy Week.

Setup vestments
How to Setup Vestments for the Roman Mass

In this instructional video, Louis Tofari demonstrates two ways of preparing the vestments for the traditional Roman Mass; a simple one and the "IHS" method. Includes step-by-step images, tips on handling and storing vestments.

Videos coming soon!

Here is a list of some future training videos.

Charcoal, Incense and Thurible Maintenance

This video will cover a few thurible matters on the sacristy-side of things:
  • How to light charcoals
  • Info about incense
  • Keeping a thurible clean

The Altar Bell

This instructional video will cover:
  • Proper construction of an altar bell
  • Handling basics

  • How to ring the bell

Thurible Basics

This video series will cover these details:

  • Thurifer's office and thurible's parts

  • Handling a thurible

  • Holding the thurible during the imposition of incense

  • How to incense with a thurible

  • Carrying the thurible for processions

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