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St. Lawrence distributes alms to the poor; Fra Angelico painting

Support Romanitas Press

Romanitas Press provides informative publications and training resources that are crucial for the restoration of the traditional Roman Liturgy (aka, the Latin Tridentine Mass or Extraordinary Form).

Some of these important resources are being newly-developed, others are reprinted publications not presently available to the public.

These projects range from printed works to digital media and also vary in their content, for example:

  • training resources

  • general interest about the liturgy

  • rubrics

  • liturgical spirituality

  • ecclesiastical architecture

  • liturgical printing

How can you help Romanitas Press?

There are several ways you can support Romanitas Press' efforts to help restore the Catholic Church's immemorial Roman Liturgy throughout the world:

Make a donation

All donations (even the widow's mite) are gladly and gratefully appreciated—and all benefactors of Romanitas Press are daily remembered in prayer.

Donate online via PayPal
Make a donation now!

Donate by check

You can mail a check made payable to Romanitas Press at:
Romanitas Press, LLC

111 W. 10th Street

Kansas City, MO 64105

Sponsor a project

Romanitas Press is currently developing several projects some of which are described below. If you are interested in sponsoring any of these, contact Romanitas Press.

Sponsor a project

Master of Ceremonies Compendium [training resource publication]

This compilation will provide under one cover pertinent information for training MCs that cannot be obtained without amassing an expensive library. Other materials included are unavailable in rubrical manuals. It will cover such topics as:

  • Master of Ceremonies: his office, great privilege, and virtues to be developed

  • liturgical books, sacred vestments, linens and vessels

  • church building layout and sanctuary and altar furnishings

  • Missale Romanum: its historical development, layout and setup

  • assisting at the missal during Mass

  • chant propers: explanations and how they affect the MC's position

  • some Pontifical basics, and more!


Read comments about the coil-bound trial version, nicknamed "The Floppy"

Server's Mass Response Recording [digital-audio]

The audio compliment to the Server's Mass Response Card, so like its printed counterpart, the digital recording will feature:

  • more romano pronunciation of the Latin responses (not currently available in any audio version)

  • detailed review of difficult words and phrases

  • correction of common pronunciation errors

  • practice of dialogue between celebrant and acolyte

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