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Training & Consulting

Louis Tofari of Romanitas Press offers a wide-range of training and consultation services for the traditional Roman Liturgy. Take a look below at what Mr. Tofari has to offer.

You can also see an outline of Mr. Tofari's experience in liturgical matters and testimonies about his work.

Would you like to perfect your servers, clergy and sacristans in their liturgical offices? Or help them to better appreciate what they are doing? Need an MC for your ceremony?

Have a question about serving or rubrical matters? Looking to resolve a liturgical issue at your parish?

Designing a new church or remodeling a sanctuary? Still looking for that perfect set of altar candles?

Needs some tips on how to manage your servers? Or how to organize your sacristy? Want to start a St. Stephen's Guild chapter in your parish?

The Internet version of correspondence courses! See a list of some live-stream training seminars that Louis Tofari will be offering.

Would you like your altar servers, parishioners, or clergy to be more knowledgeable about liturgical matters?

Want to publish a book on liturgical matters? In need of advice on how to approach a printing project?

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