Nicholas Hanson of Paramentica Liturgical Design offers a variety of new and old liturgical items for the traditional Mass, as well as custom-made vestments and repairs.

One of America's premier sources of ecclesiastical fabrics, trims and braids.

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Metal Work

Since 1976, specializing in refinishing and restoration of ecclesiastical wares. All work can be performed on site.

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Custom ecclesiastical metal ware by Stephen Van O'Meara, goldsmith, silversmith, and designer of liturgical art. Read about his unique abilities! See a gallery of his work.

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Material Requisites

One of the most renown ecclesiastical wares manufacturers in the United States.

A brokerage company that buys and sells liturgical items, from vestments to chalices to altars.

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Custom-made wooden portable altars and other accessories.

Offering a wide variety of new and used liturgical furnishings.

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A one-stop shop for the famed incense brands of Prinknash, Mucknell (formerly Elmore) and Trappist.

Makers of the fragrant Santiago, St. Augustine, Sancta Crux, and St. Benedict brands. They also offer pure Frankincense.

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American makers of Eastern Rite style incense.

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Books & Cards

A selection of liturgical books in PDF for the 1962 Missale Romanum, as well as tutorial guides.

One of America's premier resources for secondhand traditional Catholic books. They also offer many useful reprinted liturgical titles.

Offers a selection of various liturgical and rubrical books, altar, sacristy and confessional cards, cheat sheets, and intonation cards.

A varied selection of books, cards and training resources.

Offers a selection of liturgical books (e.g., 1962 Epistolae et Evangelia, travel-size missal, breviaries, etc.), rubrical and training materials, and books of general liturgical interest.

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A terrific resource for ecclesiastical Latin! Includes a self-learning course based on Vulgate Bible.

A great resource for secondhand books on the liturgy (West and East), theology, classics, Medieval and Renaissance art, and more!

A secondhand source of traditional liturgical books.

Features a varied collection of decorative altar cards, even that hard-to-find Requiem set!

An excellent British secondhand book source. Specialist in rare and secondhand books in all subjects.

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Online Resources

An incredible resource for following the missal or breviary online! It utilizes a database that automatically calculates the propers and rules for the offices of the day—and per your choice of 1962, 1955, 1570 and even pre-Tridentine!

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Where can I find...?

Looking for books, resources, or material requisites for the traditional Roman Mass? Romanitas Press can assist with some recommendations.

Can't find what you are after? Then contact us!

Vestments & Fabrics

A British supplier of vestments and other ecclesiastical furnishings, new, antique and used.

Ecclesiastical tailors of Rome providing traditional vestment sets, fabrics, birettas, and episcopal items.

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