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Master of Ceremonies Program

A master of ceremonies is not merely a "page-turning acolyte". As described in the Caeremoniale Episcoporum, he must have well-rounded knowledge of liturgical matters, and so a level of expertise exceeding the average Catholic layman.


To fulfill this expectation, Louis Tofari offers a unique training program for Masters of Ceremonies for the traditional Latin Mass. This program is offered in two ways:

  • remotely as webinars or videos

  • on location (please contact us for details)

In each case, the courses are offered in a pedagogical and systematic manner, to ensure the student has a comprehensive knowledge on matters liturgical associated with a Master of Ceremonies. Below is an outline of the curriculum. A certificate of completion is also available for the program.


What is a Master of Ceremonies?
  • Liturgical office and competency expectations

  • Spiritual aspects

Liturgical Books of the Roman Rite
  • Review of books and their development


Missale Romanum—altar missal
  • Historical development and reforms

  • Sectional review

  • How to prepare and assist at the missal

  • Overview of classification rules

  • How to use an Ordo


Sanctuary and Altar
  • Church building as a structure

  • Sanctuary layout, altar and their appointments


Sacred Vessels and Vestments
  • Historical development, symbolisms, and rules

  • How to set up the priest's vestments


Altar and Chalice Linens

  • Historical development, symbolisms, and rules

  • How to set up the chalice


General Principles of Ceremonies of the Roman Rite
  • Review of principles and practical implementation

Gregorian Chants of Mass Affecting the MC
  • Review of chants at Mass and other ceremonies

  • Overview of Liber Usualis

  • Practicum on chant cues used by MC


Master of Ceremonies’ Position at Mass
  • Presentation and practicum at altar

  • Overview of managing servers

  • Advice on preparing for ceremonies

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