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Feast of St. Pius X, patron of the liturgy

A blessed feast of St. Pius X to all of you from Romanitas Press!


On this September 3, falls the feast of that great patron of the Roman Liturgy, Pope St. Pius X.

Much could be said about the liturgical work he undertook during his pontificate, but here are a few highlights of St. Pius X's efforts:

  • he began the long-desired object of subjecting the Sanctoral cycle to the Temporal cycle by restoring the rank of Lenten ferials over saints' feast days (this goal was fulfilled by the 1960 New Code of Rubrics)

Acolyte holding cruet
  • instituted the Prefaces of St. Joseph and Requiem (published in the 1920 edition of the Missale Romanum under Pope Benedict XV)

  • reformed the Roman Breviary

  • implemented the reform and restoration of sacred music, particularly of Gregorian chant (Tra Le Sollecitudini)

  • lowered the reception of Holy Communion to children who had attained the age of reason (7 years old)

  • gave his approval and apostolic blessing to the Guild of St. Stephen in 1905

Some internet links about St. Pius X

If you would like to learn more about St. Pius X, here's a great biography about him, St. Pius X: Restorer of the Church

Here's a video showcasing the canonization ceremony of St. Pius X (with Dutch narration).

And here's another one from British Pathe about the temporary translation (or visit) of St. Pius X's body from Rome to Venice in 1959

Here is the hymn of praise to St. Pius X: Sancte Pie Decime

And finally a video showcasing images of St. Pius X offering the Papal Liturgy


St. Pius X, pray for us!

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