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A classic Latin Vulgate Bible reprinted!

A review by Louis J. Tofari has finally completed a project that spanned a decade with the reprinting of the Biblia Sacra Vulgatae Editionis Sixti V. Pont. Max. jussu recognita et Clementis VIII—otherwise known as the Clementine Vulgate Bible.

This edition of the bible originally printed in 1901 by Desclee of Belgium, features all-Latin texts according to the Vulgate translation, first made by St. Jerome in the 4th century, and re-issued first under Pope Sixtus V (1590) and then Pope Clement VIII (1592).

It is also noteworthy that Pope Pius XII declared in 1943 (in his encyclical, Divino afflante Spiritu) that the Clementine Vulgate was "free from error whatsoever in matters of faith and morals."

This bible's hallowed pages are replete with engravings, from decorative capital letters, to classic pictures of biblical persons or scenes. A full-color map of Palestine at the time of our Savior is also featured at the book's front.

This edition has been published economically, yet with quality, featuring a trade-cover hardbound casing and decorative headbands. Of course, the printing itself is superb, with the lettering in clear and distinctive type—a tribute to the careful attention given to the scanning and touch-up of the original century-old pages.

But this Bible edition—the official traditional Latin version—should not be treasured merely for its decorative appeal, but more importantly as an invaluable reference for those engaged in scriptural or theological studies, as well as of the sacred liturgy (as the Vulgate texts are used in all of the traditional missals [see the indexes below], breviaries and rituals of the Latin Rites).

The practicality and usefulness of this bible is furthered by several indexes, namely:

  • Index testimoniorum a Christo et Apostolis in novo Testamento citatorum et veteri

  • Hebraicorum, Chaldaeorum, Graecorumque nominum interpretatio

  • Index Biblicus

  • Index Lectionum, Epistolarum et Evangeliorum quae Ecclesia juxta ritum Missalis Rom. leguntur

  • Proprium Sanctorum. Lectiones, Epistolae et Evangelia

  • Evangelia et Epistolae diversa

And with a cost of just $59.99, this book comes highly recommended.

A debt of appreciation is owed to for reproducing this great work!

Buy the Latin Vulgate Bible now!

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