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On the Dialogue Mass

Articles originally published in The Remnant newspaper which address the issue of the Dialogue Mass and many liturgical misconceptions often associated with it.

Liturgical Principles & Notions concerning the Dialog Mass

Published in two parts in the June 25 and 30, 2009 issues. It was written in response to an article critiquing the Dialogue Mass.

Some Further Clarifications in relation to the ongoing debate about the Dialog Mass

Published in the November 15, 2010 issue. This provided further explanations on the topic in light of some rebuttals made after publication of the first article.

Attendance at Mass and Participation in the Liturgy (

An important reference by Fr. Michael Simoulin cited in both articles

Some kind words

...I recently came across an article by Louis Tofari concerning the "dialogue Mass." It was written in response to a piece in the August 31, 2008 issue of The Remnant by columnist, Mr. Brian McCall titled “'Mang’e State Zitt’—Eat and be Quiet: Could This Italian Expression Be the Answer to the Optional Dialogue Mass?”

It's actually the best piece on the subject that I've read. I've had some correspondence with Mr Tofari. When we began the TLM at St. John the Beloved, he was kind enough to provide a variety of notes, which were the draft for his later work [...] entitled: The General Principles of Ceremonies of the Roman Rite for Inferior Ministers. His notes have been very helpful in the training and formation of our server corps... David L. Alexander (


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I have just finished your first article and am most impressed. Thank you. We will certainly use it in a future post on the matter. NewCatholic (Editor of Rorate Caeli blog)

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Excellent article.... Professionally written. It succinctly and authoritatively answers the most obvious questions on this topic. Michael Sestak

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I finally got my issue of the Remnant in the mail and read your article on the Dialogue Mass. Excellent work!!! Derek Bonnell (

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