Ordo 2019: Mobile App

For Android and Apple Devices


Take the Ordo for the traditional (1962) Missal and Breviary where ever you go without having to carry a book (or requiring a Wi-Fi/Internet connection after download). This digital version offers the same great info from our printed Ordo, but is completely mobile and always available on your smartphone!


Officially titled in Latin as Ordo Divini Officii Persolvendi Missaeque Sacrificii Peragendi (Pro Anno Domini 2019), the Ordo is an indispensable resource for clergy, sacristans, MCs and even the laity for properly following the daily rules of the traditional Roman Missal and Breviary.

The Ordo takes all of the various classification rules listed in the Rubricae Generales sections of the missal and breviary and applies them automatically to each liturgical day. So there's no need for you to look up the rubrics yourself!

Each daily entry includes the class of the day and its proper Mass, the color of the vestments, and lists the variable parts of the Mass and Breviary. [NB: the ordo only provides the rules for setting up the missal and breviary; it does not include prayers or readings.]


Other useful notes are also included, such as when a Requiem Mass is prohibited, special votive Mass options, and even pulpit announcements related to the liturgical year.

The 2019 Ordo mobile app has an easier-to-read format and includes several appendices via a drop-down menu present on every entry page:

  • Explanation of abbreviations and signs

  • Excerpta Rubricae

  • Concurrence/Occurrence table

  • Proper feasts for USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand

Android app: $4.99 via Google Play Store.

Apple (iPhone/iPad) app: $4.99 via iTunes Connect

Privacy Policy for Apple Users

For a quick demo of the mobile Ordo app's features, watch the videos below.

How to use the Ordo app on Android devices

How to use the Ordo app on Apple iPhone

How to use the Ordo app on Apple iPad

Android view
Daily entry sample in Ordo Android app.
Android view
Drop-down menu of appendixes.
iPhone view
Main screen of Apple Ordo app.
iPhone view
Choose Appendices view on Apple Ordo app.
iPad view
Main screen of iPad version of Ordo app.
iPad view
Choose Appendices view on iPad Ordo version.
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Testimonies about 2018 Ordo Apps


Love it! I use it to pray the Office every day! It works great. It’s available in several languages. And it contains a whole bunch of extra prayers. Great app that is a must have for me! Jongleur_de_Dieu

* * * * *

Useful Ordo

I am eagerly anticipating receiving the traditional Latin breviary for Christmas [not purchase from Romanitas Press], and I want to give myself a head start so I can learn how to do the red and say the black. $5 seems perfectly fair for a portable rubrics map. hitheringwaters

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