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Paramentica Liturgical Design

Nicholas Hanson

Orange, CA

Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-5pm (PST)

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Be sure to mention the promo code: Romanitas

Owned by Nicholas Hanson, this company was formerly known as Ars Liturgica Nova. As Paramentica Liturgical Design, he still offers the same great variety of services for the sacred liturgy, such as:

  • secondhand liturgical items (vestments, albs, rochets, furnishings, books, etc.)

  • new liturgical items (chalices, monstrances, reliquaries, candlesticks, altar cards, processional crosses, etc.)

  • custom vestment and linen apparel work

  • vestment repair and restoration


If you are seeking traditional items for your church, then be sure to regularly (if not weekly) visit the Paramentica Facebook page, because chances are, Nicholas has something new to offer!


Click through the gallery below to view samples of the high-quality secondhand items Paramentica has previously offered and some brand new items available for immediate purchase.

Vestments in Action and Varia

Click through the gallery below to view some of Paramentica's vestments in use during Mass, and some other items.

Secondhand Vestments and New Sacred Vessels

The gallery below features some second vestments that Nicholas has previously offered as well as new sacred vessels available for immediate sale.

Custom-Made Vestments

The gallery below features some custom vestment designs that Nicholas has previously executed. If you are interested in a special vestment set of your own, submit a quote through his ordering webpage.


Click through the gallery below to view some beautiful details of new and secondhand vestments offered by Paramentica.

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