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Revised Edition

Looking for a doctrinally-sound catechism in an easy-to-learn format? Well, a traditional drillbook is finally available!

Originally printed in 1925 under the title of Christian Doctrine Drills For Use in the Parochial Schools, this catechism booklet systematically offers the lessons of the Catholic Faith in 104 drills under these subjects:

  • The Commandments

  • Fast Days and Holy Days

  • The Mass

  • Benediction

  • The Sacraments

  • Baptism

  • Confirmation

  • Penance

  • Holy Eucharist

  • Extreme Unction

  • Holy Orders

  • Matrimony

  • Faith

  • The Catholic Church

  • Virtues

  • Feasts of the Church

  • Prayer

  • Holy Bible

  • Sacred Liturgy


As explained in the Revised Edition Note, several revisions were made to this traditional catechism, such as a more-relevant title, and some updates to conform its liturgical calendar information with the 1962 Roman Missal.

The printing format of this drillbook also has been revised for easier reading with a new typesetting of its texts in enlarged print on a half-letter size page.

As its original title implies, A Roman Catholic Drillbook was intended to be widely distributed among school-aged Catholics in America so they could easily learn and remember the tenets of the Christian Faith. But of course, this catechism is also ideal for:

  • homeschooling programs,

  • families,

  • adult catechism classes,

  • converts,

  • or anyone who wants to brush up on their catechism knowledge!



Featured by Mother Miriam at Station of the Cross (LifeSiteNews); watch the videos of her live show:


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I am a Religious Ed teacher for my parish here in Southern California. The texts I have been provided for left me wanting which led me on a quest to see if anything else was out there. Fortunately, I came upon this incredible handbook that is a near condensation of the famous Baltimore Catechism that once was the backbone of our faith. Too many know nothing about the rich truths of Catholicism and are thus prey for harvesting by other denominations especially the young.

I urge you to purchase this wonderful handbook for your own personal use as well as family and others you encounter—the artwork is exceptional but even more the rich treasury of our faith that is the foundation of all Christianity. I have ordered multiple copies and I urge you to have this wonderful tool with which to ‘know our faith’ and ‘defend our faith’!  Neil McCarthy


A Roman Catholic Drillbook (Kindle)

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