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Dom Gaspar Lefebvre, O.S.B., author bio

Joseph Speybrouck, illustrator


This incredible book by Dom Gaspar (compiler of the St. Andrew Daily Missal) explains in a simple manner the profound theology of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It starts with the chapter "What is a Sacrifice?" and then proceeds through the priest's preparations, the divisions of the Mass, and each of its parts, such as the various prayers and actions of the Offertory.


Dom Gaspar's descriptions of the Mass parts are complemented by the evocative and instructive Art Deco drawings of Joseph Speybrouck, a long-time collaborator with the Abbey of St. Andrew. Each illustration takes up a full page and consists of a triple collage: the upper part depicting as scene usually from Sacred Scripture, then below, vignettes of the priest's action and the corresponding position of the celebrant and acolyte during Low Mass.


Published in 1959, we have included a picture and brief biography of both the author and illustrator.


Softcover. 126 pages, 39 illustrations, 2 charts. ISBN: 979-8-9855331-3-2




How to Understand the Mass

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