A Traditional Perspective

Fr. Jeffery Jambon


Under divine inspiration, St. Ignatius of Loyola wrote his Spiritual Exercises between 1522 and 1524. This set of Catholic meditations is highly regarded by the Church and have sanctified thousands upon thousands of souls through their promotion by the Jesuit Order and others. The effectiveness of the Ignatian Exercises to sanctify souls—and thereby apostolically spreading the Social Reign of Christ the King—has been so great, that they were specifically extolled by Popes Pius XI and Pius XII.


In this book, Fr. Jeffery Jambon (an experienced retreat master), gives his thoughts—written in a simple conversation style—on the meditations of the Spiritual Exercises, and how their traditionalist perspective practically apply to our modern situation. Such as, the discernment of spirits: is that impulse from God or elsewhere? What choice in life should I pursue?


In Fr. Jambon’s own words (from his Foreword):

Here presented, is a little fruit of prayer that may be useful to anyone who wishes to use it. I have directed these meditations and others similar to these to the laity over the years. I have seen, at first hand, how hearts have been touched by the dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus.


…My goal is simply to help people meditate on the Word of God and not so much teaching one how to do the Spiritual Exercises, nor being fixated with methods and unending quotes from those luminous pages of St. Ignatius, although at times I will quote from them for context. In general, I will assume that my reading audience is already familiar with the Ignatian methodology and therefore I wish only to present some meditations for them in their ongoing reflection.


With that said, it is still very useful reading for those who are not familiar with the Ignatian exercises, for the reflections presented here in this book are such that anyone can use them to pray and find much profit from them since it is mostly meditations based on Sacred Scripture and thus applicable to any and all.


So in fact, this book is useful for the spiritual or prayer life of nearly every Catholic today!


In addition to the texts of Fr. Jambon, several other items have been included, namely, some related pictures and extracts from papal documents concerning the Spiritual Exercises.


208 pages, illustrated, softcover.


Ignatian Meditations