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Novenas, Prayers and Hymns in honor of St. Joseph

Perhaps more than in any other age of the Church, Catholics today need to invoke the solicitude and protection of St. Joseph.

The popes have repeatedly upheld the Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Foster-Father of Christ as a model of purity, an example for families, workers, and men, and a remedy against the errors of Communism and Socialism.

St. Joseph has also been declared the Protector of the Universal Church, a protection much needed during the crisis currently afflicting the Mystical Body of Christ.

Thus—as explained by many holy writers—when we face difficulties or troubles, either of a worldly or spiritual nature, we should immediately “Go to Joseph”, or as in Latin, Ite ad Joseph!

This booklet was originally published in 1935 under the title of Novena in Honor of St. Joseph. While relying primarily on its original texts, this reprint has been published as a revised and enlarged edition. Additions include some pious words on devotion to St. Joseph, his Litany, three hymns, and four Mass Collects. (From the Reprinter's Foreword)


The contents includes:

  • About Devotion to St. Joseph
  • Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys of St. Joseph
  • For October Devotions
  • Memorare
  • Prayer for Purity
  • Prayer for Success In Work
  • Prayer for a Special Favor
  • Prayer for the Grace to Communicate Devoutly
  • Prayer for a Happy Death
  • Invocation for a Happy Death
  • Act of Consecration
  • Prayer for the Church
  • Prayer of St. Alphonsus Liguori
  • Prayer to Obtain a Special Favor
  • Invocations
  • “Never-Failing Prayer” Novena
  • Litany of St. Joseph
  • Hymns In Honor of St. Joseph
  • Collects From Masses of St. Joseph

Softcover, 32 pages.


Ite ad Joseph! Novenas, Prayers and Hymns in Honor of St. Joseph

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