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A Children's Book

Text by E. Mary Christie | Illustrated by Rose Messing

This new and unique Stations of the Cross booklet teaches children how to live a virtuous Catholic life while accompanying our Lord during His Passion.


As introduced by the noted children's author, E. Mary Christie:

"May this little book fire your imagination to bring you close to Jesus, following in His Footsteps throughout these Fourteen Stations of the Cross and keeping His Sorrowful Mother company. Yes, you’re the little person right there in each picture, trying to comfort and console both Jesus and His Holy Mother every step of the way.

And as you go through life, may this little book inspire you to imitate all the graces and virtues that you can learn from each of these Stations of the Cross—helping you to grow in holiness as you climb your pilgrim journey to Heave


The author's charming verses are contrasted by the line drawings of Rose Messing who has intertwined symbols from the Old and New Testament into each Station picture. For the benefit of the parent who may be reading the book, she has also provided explanations on the meaning of illustrations.


As a publication for children, this booklet has been printed on a 100lb matte paper, which not only provides durability, but also prevents ink bleed-through, enabling it to be used also as a coloring book.


36 pages, illustrated, softcover.



I enjoyed this book. Not only for the fact both mom and child can spend time together reading parts of the book. Also, the fact that it was a nice meditation book as well. The child within every page was a nice touch and unique. The book also had simple, noncolorful pages, keeping the child's attention was able to stay put. Zahra Kotsos


Learning Virtue through the Stations of the Cross

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