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Rev. Clifford Howell, S.J.


From the author of our popular reprint, Preparing for Easter, we present this 1952 publication of a series of articles originally written for the liturgical review, Orate Fratres.


This book concentrates and expands upon Pope Pius XII's statement in Mediator Dei (Encyclical on the Sacred Liturgy):

"The work of our redemption is continued, and its fruits are imparted to us during the celebration of the liturgy."


As Fr. Howell himself continues in his Preface:

"In this book will be found some account of the work of our redemption precisely under this aspect of its continuation and application through the liturgy.


The first part deals with some underlying principles and with the seven sacraments; the second part treats of 'the crowning act of the sacred liturgy' [Mediator Dei], namely, the sacrifice of the Mass."

...The editor [of Orate Fratres] wanted some articles which would be intelligible to new readers of the review―readers who had as yet no 'liturgical background,' and he did me the great honor of asking me to write the series which, it was hoped, would help not only beginners but also others who desire to spread the knowledge of the liturgy."


The two parts mentioned above include these informative chapters:

Of Sacraments―Part 1

  • Why Worship?
  • The Good Tidings
  • Sharing Divine Life
  • Of Things Visible and Invisible
  • The Making of a Christian
  • Increase of the Body
  • Holy Orders
  • The Health of the Mystical Body


Of Sacrifice―Part 2

  • The Meaning of Sacrifice
  • Man's Yearning
  • What Happens at Mass
  • Completing The Sacrifice
  • The Mass is a Liturgy
  • Problems of Participation
  • A Glance into the Past
  • Liturgical Piety


Each chapter also uniquely features Discussion Questions formulated by Benedictine priest, Rev. Alexis Portz.


In addition to these easy-to-understand lessons on the Catholic Faith from a liturgical point of view, are line illustrations of great symbolic―and thereby teaching―value.


It is noteworthy that this catechetical work earned the highest recommendation from the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine "for use as an aid in Religious Discussion Groups," though of course it is equally effective for individuals who would like to deepen their Catholic Faith.


190 pages, illustrated, softcover.



Fr. John Perricone, PhD
Professor of Philosophy and Theology, Author and Speaker
Romanitas Press must be applauded for this reprint of Fr. Clifford Howell’s classic, Of Sacrifice and Sacraments. With his incisive theological genius he unveils the great richness of the mysteries of grace in the Divine Liturgy. No Catholic need fear a scholarly denseness. Fr. Howell makes sophisticated theological concepts as clear as a spotless pane of glass. Each sentence is like a feast nourishing starved Catholic souls with the doctrines it requires to live in this vertiginous world of ours. Miss Jane Sampson’s art work is a luminous complement to Fr. Howell’s text. It would be a thousand pities if this work were not on every Catholic shelf.


Of Sacraments and Sacrifice

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