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Another classic from Fr. Arthur Tonne!


"'I wish I knew more about the Mass.' Talks on the Mass attempts to satisfy that frequently and fervently expressed desire."

Thus does Fr. Arthur Tonne introduce readers to his 1950 classic on the Holy Mass according to the traditional Roman Rite.

In his typical witty and easy conversational style, Fr. Tonne takes the reader on a tour de force as he explains within 58 chapters the various parts of the Mass and even some ancillary matters, such as “Altar Decorations”, “Why Latin?” and the “Best Way to Attend Mass” (see the Table of Contents images for details).

This book of Talks—or explanations—will certainly help to reinforce this succinct observation of Fr. Tonne:

“Indeed, there is nothing nobler, more precious, more valuable, more Divine than the Sacrifice of the Mass.”


188 pages, softcover.



Fr. John Perricone, PhD
Professor of Philosophy and Theology, Author and Speaker

Fr. Tonne’s Talks on the Mass was originally published in 1950, and has not lost a bit of its freshness. In fact, the aridity of these times makes his freshness needed all the more. He brings to every detail of the Holy Mass a clear and accessible explanation, with no end of homespun stories and applications. His chapters will not only generate deeper understanding, but wholesome devotion and piety as well. Both of which are paramount for the ascent of the soul to God.


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I've become a fan of Fr Arthur Tonne's writing. I am grateful for Romanitas Press for bringing Fr Tonne's writing back into the public eye.

In this post, I discuss his book Talks On The Mass. If you know Fr Tonne or have read his work, you'll know he always has a good story to share.

In the book, Talks on the Mass , Father explains the various parts that make up the traditional Roman Rite. Along with this, he discusses other associated topics like Altar Servers, Latin, The Altar, Altar Decorations, and much more.

Using his wit, wisdom, and conversation style, Fr Arthur Tonne knocks it out of the park again in bringing the truth to the faithful.

Like other written work of Fr Tonne's, I really enjoyed the Talks on the Mass which you can purchase at the link early on in this post.

I find that while reading Fr Tonne's written work, it feels like he is actually right in the room. I am reminded of a former pastor of mine who in my opinion was very similar in how he spoke. This priest I knew would always begin his sermons with “Let me tell you a story and it didn’t happen in..."

I encourage you to read Fr Tonne's written work and let it encourage and inspire you in your journey of life and faith. Joe Sales Blog


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Talks on the Mass

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