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Archbishop Amleto Cicognani

Enlarged and Pictorial Edition


During the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, 46 Saints are mentioned in the Ordinary and Canon, from familiar ones as the Blessed Virgin Mary to obscure ones like Cosmas and Damian, the twin martyr brothers. So who are these Saints and why is it important that we remember and pray with them during the Mass?

The eminent author of the book, Archbishop Cicognani, answers this question in his chapter, "Heavenly Assistance" which explains the value of invoking the intercession of the Saints:


"The Saints unite themselves with us in the Mass, while we pray and implore. How could the Church Militant pray if alone it approached God? Those of the Church Triumphant always see the Lord in eternal glory, and the priest invokes their intercession.

"Other Saints accompany us every day, so to speak, in the celebration of the Mass and are recalled in the Canon. Names from many centuries are found there. Chosen and assigned to assist the celebrating priest, they implore together with us that we too may be able to attain through their merits the ends of the Mass—those which our Lord had in instituting it, and also those which they have who celebrate it."

In addition to a brief sketch of each Saint who join us daily at our Masses, there are short chapters on “The Sacrifice of Praise”, “The Altar”, “The Value of the Mass”, and on “Jesus Christ”, who as the author states is “the principal offerer or celebrant of the Holy Sacrifice” and the “first intercessor who prays with us and for us.”


Originally published in 1958 as a short booklet dedicated to priests, this reprint edition has been expanded in several ways to amplify the book’s contents. The additions include an:

  • Author’s biography

  • Entries for St. Joseph (not inserted into the Roman Canon until 1962) and the Prophet Isaias (apparently overlooked in the original edition)

  • 15 pictures of Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP

  • Latin-English texts of the Roman Missal wherein the Saints are mentioned

  • Extracts from the Roman Martytrology for each Saint


This easy-to-read book is perfect for any Catholic who would like to gain a better appreciation and devotion to the Saints who pray with us during the Mass!


Softcover. 74 pages with illustrations.



Alexandra Reis reviews this book noting it is "an essential book that reminds us of all the saints that are commemorated at the Mass, and the virtuous lives that they lived in order to get to heaven and merit the graces that we need to reach Paradise as well..." Read the full review

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Housewives on this book

I really am enjoying my new book. It’s small with little stories about the Saints so that I can read one or two and then get on with my work. I like sitting down in between my household jobs and reading it. Gerina Duncan (Mother of a priest)

* * * * *

This book is great! I was so immersed in the chapters about the saints, that I had to force myself to put the book down, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten any of my house chores done! Lisa Austin (Magnificat Media)

* * * * *

What a wonderful companion, this book. When we were in our mothers' wombs we could not see all the companions and family surrounding us. When we are at Mass, the womb of Holy Mother Church, we cannot see all the Saints and Angels surrounding us, daily, but they too are our companions and there just like when we were in our biological Mother's womb. Hilary McRee Flanery (aka, Long Skirts)

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I really like this book on the Saints in the Mass! My favorite way to read it is in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Rachel Tofari


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Blogger review

In the Traditional Latin Mass, there are Saints who are mentioned within the liturgy who are praying alongside us as we, the faithful are in the pews and as the priest is on the altar.


In recent days, a good friend of mine online, Louis Tofari, of Romanitas Press, had reached out to me to see if I was interested in reviewing a book titled The Saints Who Pray with Us in the Mass by +Abp Amleto Cicognani.


For an enlarged edition, it is a small book but it is sure jam packed with information about the Saints who are included in the liturgy. I like the entire book but one of my favorite parts of the book is where it includes the "Extracts of the Missale Romanum". The reason it is one of my favorite parts is because it shows me where in the liturgy the Saints are mentioned. After reflecting on both the English and the Latin, it helps me to understand why they are included in the Ordinary and the Canon of the Mass.


The beautiful photos which are included in the book help the reader to focus on the Saints but also the other content of this book. Thanks to Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP who took the photos. Amazing photography!


This book has helped me as a Catholic who attends the Traditional Latin Mass when I am able, to take a serious look at the Communion of Saints and why they are included in the liturgy and other prayers.


I highly recommend this book to all clergy and laity. In my opinion this is a must have book. It helps us all to have a good understanding as to why the Saints are included not only in the liturgy but in the life of the Church.


There are devotions to Saints that have been forgotten about. I believe this book will help people both clergy, religious, and laity to devote themselves to the Saints again. While the Saints are praying with us, they are interceding for us and help us as we continue to strive for holiness in life, faith, and everything in between.


Let us not forget the Saints. Joe Sales, blogger

The Saints Who Pray with Us in the Mass

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