will freeze in time the awesome ritual of the venerable Roman Mass and from the best vantage points!


Even the simple vestments and altar appointments featured help the viewer to contemplate the priest’s supernatural actions by reducing potential distraction from mere decorations.


Never before has this collection of images been made available in book format. And in addition to demonstrating the celebrant's acts during Low Mass, each picture will be accompanied with an associated prayer or a short description of the depicted ritualistic movement.


This softcover book will also be offered at an economical price to encourage its dissemination (and so better appreciation of the traditional Roman Mass) as much as possible. If you would like to support this project that is currently in production, please make a donation to Romanitas Press.

The Mass: Up-Close in Pictures

Coming soon!


The priest's actions during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are the most sublime anywhere. This is especially so in the traditional Roman Mass which minutely prescribes the celebrant's ritualistic motions.


Unfortunately these profound acts are often not visible to those in the pews or perhaps occur too quickly to be fully appreciated.


Not anymore! In 80 classic black and white photographs (see a sample gallery below), this forthcoming new book

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