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Vivarium Books

Tom Kiser
PO Box 7263
St. Paul, MN 55107

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In a time when some declare that "print is dead" or secondhand booksellers are "a relic of the past", Tom Kiser of Vivarium Books has successfully defied these mantras!

Once employed by the famed Loome Theological Booksellers, Tom has experience in medieval paleography and codicology and a degree in Library Science, which has well-equipped him since he founded Vivarium Books in 2010.

His passion for scholarly books is evident through his catalog of books which include such subjects as:

  • Ancient & Medieval

  • Biblical

  • Theology

  • Philosophy

  • Art

  • Liturgy

  • Monasticism


For a quick review of some of his recent acquisitions (some quite rare), see Vivarium's Facebook page.

At Vivarium's site, you can review various Book Collections or visit his Abebooks account for a current listing of available titles.


You can also join his email notification list.

Watch the video below for more information about Vivarium Books.

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