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Resources for the Feast of Corpus Christi

Below is a list of spiritual, rubrical and historical resources available on this website related to the Feast of Corpus Christi, its Eucharistic Procession and concluding rite of Benediction.

Acolyte holding cruet
Eucharistic Processions: Some Common Problems

What is a Eucharistic Procession? Are flower girls allowed? What about banners? Should thurifers walk backwards while incensing the Blessed Sacrament? Find out these answers (and more) in this brief article.

Corpus Christi: A Feast of Homage and Gratitude

Download this MP3 and listen to an inspiring meditation from Fr. Goebel's Franciscan Meditations on the Liturgical Year.

Monstrance, Luna & Custodial: LARL Podcast

What is a monstrance and why is it unique to the Latin Rite? Listen to this podcast about the history, form, and various rules for this sacred vessel and its related objects, the luna and custodial. Includes Gregorian chants from the Feast of Corpus Christi. Listen to more LARL podcasts here.

Ceremonial Notes for Corpus Christi (High Mass)

This 8-page PDF describes how to properly prepare and execute the special High Mass and Eucharistic Procession of Corpus Christi. Preview the first page here.


Peregrinus Stories

From the serialization of Fr. Chapman's Peregrinus Gasolinus and Peregrinus Goes Abroad, here are the witty stories of the adventures of the Liturgiologist and Antiquary that deal with matters related to Corpus Christi, its procession, exposition and concluding Benediction.


The Antiquary Asks Some Questions

veiling sacred vessels - exposition rubrics

"If you're going to quiz me about the origin and development of the ceremonies of Corpus Christi..."

Out of Gas for an Hour

scamnum use - Benediction mistakes

"A very simple general rule governs, for Corpus Christi and the Forty Hours Devotion, that oft-mistaken action..."

Peregrinus goes to the Eucharistic Congress

abuses seen at Eucharistic processions

The Liturgiologist sank to his knees, for he saw advancing golden shrine, singularly solid and substantial, fashioned like a small Gothic church...

Sisters and Ceremonies

pageantry vs. ceremony

"It's very natural for the good Sisters to regard the spectacular part of ceremonies as their own special domain. They may train children, often altar boys..."


On Processions

proper music - prescribed processions - Rituale Romanum

"Have you ever noticed, how the good Sisters who arrange such ceremonies as May Processions, Corpus Christi Processions, etc., always get the cart before the horse..."


Bungling Benediction

genuflections - signing cross with monstrance

"Then look at the way the Sign of the Cross is made with the monstrance. Why, it's like anything but the Sacred Sign of our Redemption!"

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