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Latin Responses Webinar

For serving the traditional Roman Mass

Louis Tofari regularly hosts a 4-week program as a webinar for boys and men to learn the acolyte's Latin responses of the traditional Roman Mass.

This unique course consists of presentation slides and integrates a review of:

  1. Liturgical Latin (more romano) and its pronunciation basics,

  2. Significance of the acolyte's prayers,

  3. Information about the Preparatory Prayers, psalms and their structure, saints in the Confiteor, etc.,

  4. Liturgical gestures (Sign of the Cross) and reverences (bows).

Homework exercises are also assigned between classes.

During the past 25 years, Mr. Tofari has developed a unique and well-rounded course for teaching the altar server's Latin responses, not only consisting of innovative training techniques, but also background information about the server's responses.

In this way, the student learns not only how and when to say the responses, but why, thereby appreciating the profound significance of these prayers used in the highest act of Catholic worship, the Mass.

See some testimonies below

Curriculum schedule

The next 4-week curriculum (12 sessions) will be hosted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from:

Feb 27 to March 24

Each session will run about 1 hour from:

9:30am to 10:30am CST

Can't make these times due to your schedule?

​No worries! The sessions are video-recorded and available for those unable to attend a live class, or for review by those who attended the live session.

Pricing (Single and Group Rates)

The rate for a Single Subscriber is $95.00

(the required materials below need to be purchased separately).

Book a Single Subscriber: $95.00

Group rates are available for 2 or more subscribers in a household and for parishes. Contact us for details.

Required materials

These items are required for the webinar and have been included for the Single Subscriber fee:

Optional materials

Here are some other useful items for altar servers:

Coaching/testing and certification

After the 4-week curriculum, independent coaching/testing sessions are offered to students; this is actually a form of one-on-one training and so an extension of the sessions.


Upon passing the oral test 100%, a certificate of completion will be provided.


Conditions and requirements

These webinars are primarily for Roman Catholic men and boys (from age 7 or higher), but women who want to learn these responses may also attend.


Subscribers should be proficient in cursive, or at least have the ability to write. They will need access to pen and paper, a lay missal, Bible, and an MP3 player.

Due to the 4-week curriculum length, session dates are tentative. If required, a session will be rescheduled.

Subscribers will need an electronic device fully enabled with audio, microphone, and display. Zoom’s screen-sharing mode will be utilized for the presentation slides.

Each session will be video-recorded and the download links shared with subscribers.

In general, discussions of ecclesiastical issues or secular politics will be avoided during the sessions.


Louis’s webinar provides an in-depth examination of all aspects needed to master the acolyte’s responses and actions for the traditional Roman Mass. As a former university language instructor, I was impressed by his rigorous and effective pedagogical approach to learning the Latin responses with the correct pronunciation. In addition, he has extensive knowledge of the Roman Rite and explains in detail the general principals, rules of precedence, liturgical gestures and reverences. Best of all, Louis makes learning these sacred duties fun. Thomas Cregan; Barrington, Rhode Island

* * * * *

Being quite new to the Latin Mass, I was fascinated and, at the same time, a bit frustrated by not being able to participate and understand. I enrolled in this course in the hope that I'd be able to do both, and my results surpassed my expectations, considering the short duration of the course. Now I feel at home in this great mass and appreciate it much more. Also, as a Spanish teacher of English, I loved the experience of watching the other side of the looking glass and see how English speakers deal with the difficulties of Latin pronunciation, which is almost the exact reverse of my Spanish students coping with the difficulties of English phonetics. And also, I must say, appreciating how quick they improved. Angel Castaño; Salamanca, Spain

* * * * *

Louis Tofari's Latin Mass class for servers helped me overcome mispronunciations and errors in the way I was saying the prayers at the altar. I first learned the prayers by repeatedly saying them over and over again but what I committed to memory was a lot of mispronunciations of Latin verbs and pronouns.


The technique Louis uses such as writing them down and using your hand to make the words flow as an “Italian” would sing made it easier to overcome bad habits. Louis broke the prayers into sections with each student and made sure they correctly recited the prayers with the proper flow. I still use his PowerPoint cards [presentation slides during the video-recorded classes].


Unbeknownst to me, after spending many weeks memorizing and saying them in my head incorrectly [the first time] I had to memorize them again correctly.


Best advice―take Louis class first and avoid the mistakes and mispronunciations. Joseph Brennan (MC at St. Joseph's Church); Rockdale, Illinois


* * * * *


I am grateful for the benefits of taking the Latin webinar for learning the altar server responses. Not only did I learn the responses fairly easily, but the added history, pertinent rubrics, and correct pronunciation, along with encouragement from Louis, made it quite a joyful experience. Nita Schwartz (a laywoman who wanted to learn the Latin responses); Eureka, California

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