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For the traditional Roman Mass

Missale Romanum (5 sessions)

  • Historical development

  • Sectional review of contents (2 sessions)

  • Calendar and classification rubrics

  • Using an Ordo to setup the missal


This webinar will take place on:

September 20, 22, 24, 27 and 29


10:00am to 11:30am CST

Cost for Single Subscriber: $65.00


For group rates, please contact us.

Optional materials for this session:


Church, Sanctuary, and Altar (5 sessions)
  • Parts of a church building

  • Sanctuary layout and its furnishings

  • Purpose, construction, and prescriptions of altar and its appointments

Recommended materials for this session:

  • Candles in the Roman Rite (includes illustrations of candles examples and liturgically-correct altars) Bk $15.00

  • De Missalis Romani Liturgia (great resource on the requisites materials for a church by a highly-regard liturgist--1937 reprint) Bk $23.50 | PDF $14.50

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Useful materials for MCs

These items are available from Romanitas Press:

  • The Mass: Up-Close in Pictures (helps with identifying the parts of the Mass) $12.50

Curriculum of MC Program

The full curriculum consists of the following courses:

What is a Master of Ceremonies?
  • Its liturgical office, expectations of competency, and spiritual aspects

  • Practical tips for sacristy management and preparing for ceremonies


Church, Sanctuary, and Altar
  • Parts of church building

  • Purpose, character, and prescriptions concerning altar and its appointments

  • Sanctuary layout and furnishings


Sacred Vessels
  • Historical development and prescriptions

  • How to prepare


Altar and Chalice Linens
  • Historical development, symbolisms, and prescriptions

  • How to prepare


Sacred Vestments
  • Historical development

  • Symbolism and associated prayers

  • Prescriptions

  • Preparation practicum


Liturgical Books of the Roman Rite
  • Review of all traditional books and their development

  • Images of books provided (as well as links for a closer review)


Missale Romanum
  • Historical development and reforms

  • Sectional review of the missal

  • Overview of classification rules and use of Ordo

  • How to prepare and assist at the missal


General Principles of Ceremonies of the Roman Rite
  • Review of rules as presented in book

  • Ceremonial terms and phrases

Gregorian Chants at Mass (and their impact)
  • Review of chants at Mass

  • Overview of Liber Usualis and how to reference

  • Practicum on MC's chant cues


Master of Ceremonies’ Position at Mass
  • Presentation at altar

  • Practicum with trainees



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