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These corporals and purificators are made of fine 100% linen in conformity with the traditional rubrics.


For the cloths used on the altar and chalice, linen had been traditionally used and prescribed in the Latin Rites for centuries not only due to its dignity and symbolic connection to the Burial Shroud of Christ, but also for practical reasons (moisture absorbency ratio, non-scratching of precious metals, etc.).


The corporal has a white cross sewn in the center (not in the front), so that it will not interfere with the purification with the paten, and measures 17 in x 17in.


The purificator also has a white sewn cross in the center (to distinguish it from a Lavabo towel) and measures 12in x 18in.


Both chalice linens are hemstitched and are sold as a set of 1 corporal with 1 purificator.


Corporal and Purificator set

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