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NEW: Common Latin Prayers with Interlinear Phonetics

Learn to say common Catholic prayers in Latin with this unique booklet. Details


New CHILDREN's book!
Learning Virtue through the Stations of the Cross

Just in time for Lent is this new illustrated book for children with texts by E. Mary Christie. Buy/Details


On the Liturgical Reforms of Pope Pius XII

Some extracts of Archbishop Lefebvre attesting that the Pian Reforms were not modernist. Read


Follow the traditional Liturgical Year

Our popular Roman Missal Calendar for the traditional Latin Mass is now available! Buy/Details


Ordo Apps for Apple and Android now available!

The 2024 version of our Ordo apps for both Apple and Android devices is now available for download Buy/Details

Liturgical Days.png

Holy smoke: the crux of the matter

An article by Louis Tofari on the use of a thurifer (with incense) and crossbearer at High or Solemn Masses. Read


Latin Responses Webinar

Join Louis Tofari for a 4-week webinar to learn the Acolyte's Latin Mass responses. Next session: Nov 7



Tra le Sollecitudini

The text of Pope St. Pius X's motu proprio on sacred music is now available. Read


Peregrinus Gasolinus stories

Take a ride with these witty stories that combines the wandering adventures of 2 priests in their Tin Lizzie while discussing liturgical matters List of stories


The history, symbolism and reform of the Paschal Candle

These 2 articles explain the history and symbolism of the Paschal Candle and its restoration to prominence under Pope Pius XII. Read

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