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Below is a list of some new items on the website.

For Android Devices

The Android mobile app for the 2020 Ordo is now available! As for Apple devices... well, read our discouraging note (and get the free stop-gap PDF).

Only a limited number left!

Just a few copies of the 2020 Ordo are available, so get your copy before they're gone!

Louis Tofari focuses on Pius XII's 1947 encyclical on the liturgy, Mediator Dei and the legitimate objectives of the Liturgical Movement. He also speaks about the liturgical reforms of the 1962 Missale Romanum and how the New Mass does not conform to the encyclical.

Another reprint of Msgr. Tonne

Learn about 59 sacramentals of the Roman Catholic Church in this unique resource written by Fr. Arthur Tonne in 1950.

Just put on clearance are some over-trimmed copies of Callewaert's famous Caeremoniale book on Low and Solemn Mass. Our loss is your gain as these books have been marked down to $25.00!


Talks on 50 Marian feasts (and 2 for Mother's Day)

In this wonderful work, Fr. Arthur Tonne explains in his unique storytelling style the significance of 50 feasts of our Lady throughout the liturgical year from the traditional Roman Missal.

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