Caeremoniale in Missa,

Privata et Solemni

C. Callewaert, J.C.D.  |  author bio


This rubrical-reference book is highly esteemed for its systematic and thorough treatment of the general principles of ceremonies. Another unique aspect—omitted in most other manuals—are the author's ascetical explanations for the purpose of particular ceremonial actions.

Perhaps though, the best recommendation for Caeremoniale comes from a peer of Callewaert, another highly-regarded rubrician:

This [book] is perhaps the clearest description of all ordinary ceremonies and is written by an outstanding authority. It is complemented by another book of the same author, De Missalis Romani Liturgia. Together these two books give a comprehensive treatment of rubrics and ceremonies. Callewaert is unusual for his depth of treatment. He gives the meaning and reason behind ceremonies whenever useful and always lists carefully his sources. His book is written in Latin and, unfortunately, is not published in this country. We recommend it without reservation... (L. O'Connell from The Book of Ceremonies)


314 pages, softcover perfect bound, Latin-only. $37.50

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De Sacra Liturgia Universim (American Ecclesiastical Review, 1920): The present volume is the introductory one to a series comprising the liturgical interpretation of the Breviary, Missal, Ritual, and the ecclesiastical cycle under the title Annus ecclesiasticus... read more!

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