Louis Tofari is now offering training webinars via Zoom video conferencing. For a nominal fee, you can attend these unique instructional courses from the comfort of your armchair (or watch at your convenience as a video).

Upcoming webinars:

  • Priests Webinar: 12-week curriculum that teaches systematically and in a pedagogical manner the intricacies of the celebrating the traditional Mass

  • Latin Responses Webinar: 4-week curriculum for learning the acolyte's responses during the traditional Roman Mass

  • Missale Romanum (MC Program): Starting Sept 20, this 5-session course will review the Roman Missal's historical development, its various sections, the calendar rubrics and Ordo, and how to set it up for Mass


Here are some other courses currently under development:

For Priests

  • Thurible Handling Webinar

MC Program

  • Church Building, Sanctuary and Altar: Traditional Components and Prescriptions

  • Liturgical Books of the Roman Rite

  • General Principles of Ceremonies for the Roman Rite (For Inferior Ministers)


Other Courses

  • Acolytes at High Mass

  • Sacristan Basics Webinar:

    • Sacristy Organization Tips

    • Care of Vestments, Sacred Vessels and Altar Linens

    • Preparing the Altar for Mass