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Stephen Van O’Meara is a master goldsmith, silversmith, sculptor and designer of liturgical art. He is one of the few American artisans who executes every aspect of his craft himself in his own studio.

Having studied under both American and European master gold and silversmiths, Stephen offers the entire set of skills employed in the manufacturing of liturgical metal wares, such as hand-raising, casting, chasing, engraving, and enameling. His work has received numerous awards.


Stephen’s passion for the liturgical arts is inspired by his dedication to the Catholic Faith and the artistic traditions of the Church. His particular devotion to the mystery of the Holy Family frequently finds its subtle expression in his liturgical pieces.


You can read more about Stephen Van O’Meara’s background in this PDF. A small sample of his exquisite work and designs can be viewed in the gallery below.

Do you have a custom piece in mind for your church? Would you like to have a chalice made as a memorial or gift for a priest? Maybe you would like to commission a personal devotional piece (like the Ecstasy of St. Theresa of Avila shrine shown below in the gallery)? Then don't hesitate to contact Stephen O'Meara!

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The Ecstasy of St. Theresa of Avila

A stunning miniature reproduction of the famous sculpture rendered in gold and lapis lazuli.