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Now with the availability of our 2024 Ordo, you can comprehensively prepare for the upcoming Liturgical Year with this discounted package of important reference booklets.


The combination of these offerings provide the necessary information to achieve a proper understanding and offering of the traditional Roman Liturgy throughout the year according to the Church's mind and spirit embodied in her liturgical law, the rubrics.


2024 Ordo [details/pics]

The primary item of this package is the Ordo, an invaluable resource that explains how to setup the traditional missal and breviary for each day of the Liturgical Year per the 1962 rubrics.


Our edition includes many helpful rubrics, notes, and various prayers used throughout the year, as well as appendices for the feasts observed in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia and New Zealand.


Rubrics of the Roman Breviary and Missal [details/pics]

This book features the 1960 Code of Rubrics for the calendar and classification system. Thus it systematically explains the rules that the Ordo implements for each day. It also lists various changes made by the reform that affected the missal and breviary, including textual additions and alterations to the Roman Martyrology.


This book is especially important as a reference for commemorations, votive Masses and Requiems, parochial feasts, and other matters that occur outside the parameters of the liturgical calendar.


Sacred Music and Liturgy [details/pics]

This 1958 instruction of the Sacred Congregation of Rites explains general liturgical notions, rules and practices of sacred music, and the different methods of active participation that can be utilized during the traditional Mass.


More importantly this instruction clarifies what is allowed or prohibited, particularly on matters of sacred music (e.g., what types of music or instruments are allowed and when) and on the use of the vernacular (e.g., when singing, or at other times at liturgical functions).


These 3 books are being offered for a combo discount of $35.00 (plus shipping)---[marked down from $44.70]; nearly a $10 savings!


2024 Ordo Combo

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